Last night, “Teen Mom 2” aired a special with moments that were previously not shown on the air. Of course, some of those moments were more personal than others. Kailyn Lowy's pregnancy was outted while she was driving, the gender of Chelsea and Cole's baby was revealed too early, and behind the scenes moments from Jenelle Evans and David Eason's wedding were shown. It was all aligned for drama to get started, and that is exactly what happened.

Kailyn throws major shade

During the “Teen Mom 2” special, many of the girls were tweeting. When it came time to show footage of Jenelle Evans' wedding, that is when the comments started flying.

Kailyn Lowry shaded her wedding, but didn't even tag her in it. Of course, Jenelle came to clap back, and this time, it was a athe interesting comment. Evans alleges that Lowry told her and her mother that she was divorcing Javi Marroquin to have a “black baby.” Those words aren't shocking to anyone, but it is interesting that there was no clap back after that from Kailyn. Instead, the single mom of three took to Twitter to talk about how grateful she was for the MTV opportunities she has been given.

It is interesting that Jenelle Evans would respond to something Kailyn Lowry posted when she sent her and some of her other “Teen Mom 2” co-stars a cease and desist letter.

The fact that these two girls are beefing on Twitter isn't shocking. Evans is friends with Briana DeJesus and has her back. Lowry isn't a fan of either girl, and because of that, she is playing with fire. Jenelle and her new friend may just end up losing it on Lowry, and that would be a bad thing.

'Teen Mom 2' is filming

A new season is on the way as the drama keeps building.

Rumors of another season had been circulating, but a premiere date had not been confirmed. Earlier today, Kailyn Lowry tweeted that she was filming today. Perhaps she will spill some tea on Jenelle Evans after the comment she made last night on social media. The reunion is already going to be highly anticipated, especially when Kailyn, Javi Marroquin, and Briana DeJesus end up in the same space.

Last night was a busy one for the “Teen Mom 2” girls, and it looks like it may be like that all season long. Kailyn Lowy has made herself enemies on both sides, and now, the two have teamed up. It is going to be quite awkward until things get resolved. The anticipation fo all of the girls to be in the same room is killing some "Teen Mom 2" fans.