During a speech on Monday afternoon, Donald Trump accused the Democratic Party of treason for not standing and applauding while attending his State of the Union last week. In response, the hosts on "The View" didn't hold back.

"The View" on Trump

Following Donald Trump's State of the Union speech last week, it was clear that many Democrats weren't impressed. As is the case during most State of the Union speeches, the opposing party often sits in silence, but that didn't go over well with the current president. While addressing a crowd in Cincinnati on Monday, Trump ripped into Democrats, referring to them as "Un-American," before saying, "Treasonous, I mean, yeah, I guess, why not."

Donald Trump's remarks were met with ironic backlash as many of the president's critics have accused him treason.

The issue was highlighted during the February 6 edition of "The View," led by co-host Whoopi Goldberg sounding off. "Clearly you’ve never seen a state of the union before," Goldberg said of Trump.

"The opposing party always sits on their hands," Whoopi Goldberg went on to point out. "I don’t know if you really want to be throwing words like 'treason' and 'treasonous' around in this political climate," she added, while noting, Many people are pointing at you for similar things." Goldberg's remarks were similar to the rest of the panel who also made sure to give their thoughts.

Behar doubles down

In agreement with Whoopi Goldberg, fellow co-host Joy Behar doubled down on Donald Trump's hypocritical attack on the Democrats, saying the president is "basically in bed with Russia and with Putin." "He’s calling people who don’t stand up for him treasonous," she added.

In addition, co-host Sonny Hostin observed that Trump might be confusing the term "treason" with "dissent," making a note that the United States was founded by those who dissented from Britain. "Dissent is the bedrock of our democracy,” she went on to add.

Moving forward

After just over a year in office, Donald Trump has had a roller-coaster like start to his administration.

To start of the month of February, Trump's approval rating slightly ticked up, sitting at around 42 percent, though his numbers are still historically low for a president after just one year in office. With the recent drop in the stock market and uncertainty over a potential government shutdown, Trump is facing serious issues about improving his standing with the American people.