Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are expecting their first child together and the Fans couldn't be more excited. The thing is the fans have a big theory that they are having twins and they think they know why. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what allegedly is going on with these two.

Fans share why they think they are having more than one baby

Jinger Duggar Vuolo recently shared a photo of herself and showed off her baby bump, which isn't very big yet. With it she wrote on a board all about how the baby is the size of an apple. Jinger is 15 weeks along in this picture.

It looks like she erased the word baby several times on it, though. This is what has the fans confused. Why would she erase it unless there was a reason to do it?

They are certain that Jinger Vuolo wrote babies or something like that and then erased it. Of course, they don't know that for sure, but it does look like that is possible. Jinger isn't confirming or denying if this is the case at all though. One fan said, "The fact that 'baby' looks like its been erased and rewritten several times makes me think they were... going to make a twin joke."

Could this be true?

You never know if Jinger could be having twins. This couple is expecting their first child, but twins do run in the family as well.

Jinger took a bit to get pregnant, which makes fans wonder if they used fertility drugs, and if they did that would make it very easy for her to get pregnant with multiples. Before that, fans thought they might be using birth control, but if they were then it wasn't for long.

For now, the fans are going to have to wait on Jinger and Jeremy to let them know.

She hasn't even revealed if it is a girl or boy yet. Jinger might announce the news that it is twins at that point by sharing that she is having a boy and a girl or two of the same sex. Everyone just has to wait on Jinger and either way she is having a baby and the fans couldn't be more excited about the news. Jinger did take a bit to get pregnant after getting married to Jeremy.

This couple lives in Texas now.

Do you believe that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo could be expecting twins? Do you think they would have told fans if they were? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when the show returns to TLC later this month. The fans are going to love hearing from all of the couples and seeing how they are doing during their pregnancies. Kendra, Jinger and Joy-Anna are all pregnant right now with their first child.