A surreal adventure that engulfed seven seasons so far, "Game of Thrones" will reach an end after the Season 8 will be aired sometime in 2018. 'Game of Thrones' and its swan song is expected to dig deep into the souls of some addicted fans. Although the grand finale's scenario is yet to be determined or disclosed, a flurry of theories has been floating around the matter for quite some time. The ultimate backlash, a confrontation between life itself on one side and the icy haze of the death coming from North on the other. Either way, the end is expected to deliver some heart-stopping scenes completely soaked in an unbeatable level of epicness.

In what may be a predictable final, the Night King might end up being killed by one of the leading characters of the narrative. Either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen can get the job done, although both means and method are yet to be determined.

The Night King's army rolls into a war-torn Westeros

At a quick glance, the Realm is far from being ready to defend itself from the threat the Army of the Dead brings up to the table. The ongoing state of war between those who had a claim to the Iron Throne and some who are eager to maintain their grip on power does nothing but make things easier for the invaders. Despite being left alone by her twin brother Jaime, Cersei Lannister will try to keep her feet inside the King's Landing relying on the Iron Bank of Braavos' support.

After all, money does makes the Earth spin.

The brand-new alliance of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen may face a huge test if Jon Snow's true identity comes to the surface. A Targaryen himself too, the current King of the North has a rightful claim to the Iron Throne. On the other side, it seems that Daenerys is developing a special relationship with the concept of power and she might not be willing to step aside after all the hard work she already did to get at this point.

Killing the Night King would give Jon Snow a unique conjugated effect

Apparently the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Jon Snow would cash in deeply if he will get rid of the Night King and the Army of the Dead. His claim will be backed with a special heroic background and he will pose as the true savior of the Realm. In theory, it sounds like a sure-win strategy, but it will all depend on how big his political ambitions are and more importantly, on how much he really wants this role.

To be fair, an ending like the one described above will do nothing but follow a trend that has been around during the last two seasons or so, a soap opera-like scenario with no real drama attached to it. After all, a happy, predictable ending is what the vast majority wants as part of any closing yet fulfilling chapter.