It is almost time for The Bachelor Winter Games to debut and gossip guru Reality Steve is coming out with some juicy spoilers about what goes down. There are some romances that develop during this debut “Winter Games” season and from the sounds of things, these will be generating a lot of buzz.

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt are a pair to watch

Kevin Wendt may not be familiar to most “The Bachelor Winter Games” viewers, but Canadian franchise fans know him well. Kevin “won” the first “Bachelorette” season with Jasmine Lorimer and they split a few months after getting engaged during their finale.

Ashley Iaconetti is definitely a familiar face and she's back for another run within the franchise to see if she can find love. Ashley is known not just from Chris Soules' "Bachelor" season, but for her involvement in both Seasons 2 and 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise." Iaconetti wasn't successful in her first three attempts to find love via this franchise, but could her fourth spin do the trick?

Iaconetti and Wendt are together, but will it last?

According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Ashley and Kevin end up being an item and their romance continues beyond filming. In fact, “Bachelor Winter Games” spoilers indicate that Iaconetti is no longer a virgin, a status addressed repeatedly in her previous “Bachelor Nation” appearances.

Iaconetti seems to consider her relationship with Wendt to be rather serious and worthy of taking this major relationship step, but will she later regret this decision?

Reality Steve says that Ashley has visited Kevin in Toronto and he's visited her in California. They will be together during a “Winter Games” reunion that will be filmed soon and spoilers indicate that Wendt will be pressured by producers to admit he's in love with Iaconetti and looking to commit to her.

Does Ashley finally find her Mr. Right?

Reality Steve says that disappointment is on the horizon

Unfortunately, it sounds as if there is heartbreak on the horizon for Iaconetti. Reality Steve's “Bachelor Winter Games” spoilers hint that Wendt's motives in romancing Iaconetti are not exactly pure and he is supposedly looking for fame and brand-building opportunities more than love.

Sadly, it seems that Ashley has truly fallen for Kevin. Given how emotional she's gotten over past romantic failings, like her unrequited love for Jared Haibon, it sounds as if she's likely facing tough times in the days to come when it comes to this romance with Wendt and the likelihood that it won't live up to her expectations.

Will Kevin Wendt really end up breaking Ashley Iaconetti's heart and what will "The Bachelor Winter Games" viewers think of this pairing? ABC will be airing this new spinoff beginning on February 13 and people definitely will be buzzing about this one.