What happened to Logan Noh? Following weeks of rumors on "Vanderpump Rules" which suggested that there may be something sexual going on between Noh and james kennedy, a full-time cast member of the show, Noh accused Kennedy of getting violent with him during a night out and was later deleted from all of Kennedy's social media accounts.

According to a Radar Online report on February 6, James Kennedy removed all traces of his former best friend from Instagram and Twitter after getting into a nasty fight during last week's Shiseido launch event in Los Angeles.

“James deleted all of [Logan Noh]’s pics and he told him to stop telling people that he’s in love with him because it was really starting to hurt his image,” an insider close to Kennedy revealed to the outlet.

The outlet also claimed that the "Vanderpump Rules" star informed his longtime friend that he no longer wants anything to do with him. Right away, Logan Noh was described as "devastated” and who can blame him? He and Kennedy clearly had a close friendship, at the very least, and appeared to care about one another quite deeply.

Logan Noh said he was sleeping with James Kennedy

During an episode of "Vanderpump Rules" last month, Logan Noh reportedly told Tiffany, the sister of Jax Taylor's girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, that he and James Kennedy had been intimate with one another.

However, according to Kennedy, it never happened and after calling Noh on his phone, Noh retracted his shocking story and said that he made it up out of jealousy. Although Kennedy denied having a romantic relationship with Noh, many of his co-stars didn't seem to believe him. In fact, both Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz suggested that they weren't at all surprised by Noh's statement regarding his alleged relationship with Kennedy.

James Kennedy accused Logan of trying to sabotage his relationship with Raquel Leviss

While chatting with Noh during the show, Kennedy asked him how they could remain friends after he tried to ruin his relationship with girlfriend Raquel Leviss. He also called Noh a piece of "f****** s***.” A short time later, the two men reportedly got into a fight and, according to Celebrity Insider, Noh accused Kennedy of breaking his nose a short time later. In a post shared online, Logan Noh accused Kennedy of violence before deleting the post altogether and sharing a video in which his nose did not appear to be at all broken.