james kennedy's girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, may not be the brightest crayon in the box -- at least according to his "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars. After Leviss was seen brushing off what appeared to be clear evidence of her boyfriend cheating during the 5th season of the show, Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz spoke out about the beauty queen during an interview on the "Pump Rules Podcast."

“From what I’ve seen, she has two marbles rolling around upstairs," Taylor said of Leviss, as Reality Tea revealed to readers on March 2. "I think that’s why [James Kennedy] likes her so much: because there’s not much going on." Taylor went on to say that Levis was "so dumb" that Kennedy could get away with pretty much anything.

“Maybe [Raquel Leviss]’s too young to have proper critical thinking skills,” Schwartz added.

Did James Kennedy really give up alcohol?

While Kennedy claims he is a new man after putting his wild ways behind him, his co-stars are less than convinced and suggested that he never gave up drinking as he claimed. Taylor continued on with a message to Kennedy directly, which encouraged him to stop lying about his alcohol intake.

James Kennedy has been accused of cheating on Raquel Leviss multiple times

In addition to one of Scheana Marie's friends having photographic evidence of her time spent in Kennedy's bedroom in Los Angeles, Kennedy has been accused of sleeping with another friend of the cast (which fans saw during a recent episode) -- and an unidentified woman on Twitter.

Still, despite the photo and claims, Leviss doesn't seem at all convinced that her boyfriend could ever cheat on her. Even after a woman claimed to have witnessed Kennedy cheating on her with another woman, she claimed that the woman, who was reportedly a blonde, was actually her.

To see more of James Kennedy, Raquel Levis and his co-stars, tune in to new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" season five on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV. No word yet on whether or not Leviss will be seen on the reunion special later this season.