Jenelle Evans has been facing rumors of a possible pregnancy for the past several months and this morning, she shared a very vivid image of her belly on Facebook. Following a number of claims from fans who believe the "Teen Mom 2" star could be hiding a pregnancy, despite her claims of being on birth control, Evans took matters into her own hands and showcased her flat stomach on social media.

"[By the way], I'm not pregnant," Jenelle Evans wrote in the caption of her Facebook photo on February 6. The longtime reality star and her husband, David Eason, faced claims of a possible pregnancy prior to their September 2017 wedding and ever since they tied the knot, many fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats for another pregnancy.

Jenelle Evans has been known to be secretive about past pregnancies

Jenelle Evans and David Eason welcomed their first child, daughter Ensley, in January of last year after conceiving the baby just months into their relationship. And, as fans will recall, the reality star chose to keep her pregnancy to herself until she could no longer hide her baby bump. Evans also hid her pregnancy for the first several months of her pregnancy with son Kaiser, now three. Evans has been accused of man-hoping in recent years and some suspect that her relationship habits and the backlash she's received are the reasons behind her decision to keep some things to herself.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason nearly didn't get married

Prior to tying the knot on September 23, 2017, Jenelle Evans and her now-husband got into a series of fights and some believed that they wouldn't actually get married. Although Evans and David Eason previously appeared to have a healthy relationship and seemed to fight only rarely, the drama of their wedding rehearsal dinner nearly ended their relationship altogether.

Since the wedding took place, Evans and Eason have faced a number of rumors suggesting that their marriage could soon end but at this point in time, despite spending time apart last year, the couple appears to be enjoying one another's company as they raise their children together.

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