james kennedy and his friend Logan Noh seem really close on this season of "Vanderpump Rules." There have been rumors that these two were more than friends, but James never admitted to it. Instead, he got really mad at Logan and now it sounds like things got pretty heated between the two.

What allegedly went down with these two?

Logan is very openly gay and even told Brittany Cartwright's sister that he had been sleeping with James. Of course, James denied that this was true at all. James has a girlfriend and says that he is only into her. He even confronted Logan on the phone over the allegations.

Celebrity Insider shared that James allegedly got mad at Logan and broke his nose. This all came out in a post that Logan made but later deleted. The post was allegedly from Logan and said that he was now mourning the loss of his friendship with James. It sounded like they weren't friends at all anymore.

This post went on to say that James Kennedy will physically assault people if they are in his way. Then he explained that James broke his nose that night over nothing. Because of this, he says that the friendship is totally over. For some reason, this post was later deleted.

What really happened?

The thing is nobody seems to know what really happened with these two. James and Logan have been very close, but they have also fought with each other.

There is no reason to think this might not be true. Maybe James Kennedy talked to him and got him to remove the post. Maybe Bravo is planning on showing it on "Vanderpump Rules" in the future and asked him to take it down. You just never know with these two and the fans are going to have to wait and see if they talk about it or if it ends up airing later this season.

Logan did go to Twitter and say that his best friend was “a disgusting human being.” That does make it sound like there is something to this story. Logan has fans confused though. He posted on Instagram and his nose looked fine. He also hasn't removed anything with James, but who knows what is going on there. James and Logan have a crazy relationship so you never know what is going on with these two.

This could have been for attention and if that was the case then it worked for them.

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