Earlier this week, a Northern California newspaper called the North Coast Journal published an article detailing the high rate of missing persons in Humboldt County and encouraged readers to look through the list for anyone they might recognize or share any information they may have regarding the disappearances.

The article featured a list of names and faces of 35 men, women and children who had been reported missing from the area at some time during the last forty years and had never been found. Among the missing people was a young woman named Rebekah Martinez who had been reported missing in November of 2017.

Below the picture of the woman was the caption: "Rebekah Helena Martinez was last seen Nov. 12, 2017. She has tattoos on her ankles of a Scrabble tile and an ankh."

Amy Bonner O’Brien, a Humboldt County resident read the article on the North Coast Journal Facebook post and responded saying that she recognized Martinez as a contestant on the current season ofThe Bachelor.’

Despite being featured on one of the nation’s biggest reality shows and also being active on social media, Martinez was still officially listed as a missing person until the Humboldt County sheriff’s office was notified of the discovery.

How did no one notice?

A deputy sheriff followed up with Martinez’s mother via email in December of 2017 and it was revealed that she had actually made contact with her daughter the same day the report was filed.

However, authorities were not able to make direct contact with Martinez to confirm her well being and because of this, they were not able to officially remove her from the Missing and Unidentified Persons System until earlier this week when she was finally able to return the deputy’s call.

Rebekah Martinez (aka Bekah M.), a nanny from Fresno, California has quickly become one of this season’s most notable figures.

At 22 years old she is also the youngest contestant this season and more than a decade younger than Arie Luyendyk, the 36-year-old bachelor she’s competing for. Earlier this season, Bekah’s age was a hot topic of discussion among fans and other contestants on the show.

Bekah's reaction to being reported missing

Martinez seems to have been able to laugh off the bizarre news and finally addressed the situation on Friday via Twitter.

Martinez posted that she had no cell service on 'The Bachelor' and joked about having her old picture which she called “The Worst Drivers License Photo Of All Time” exposed to the masses.