The Duggar family are in the news again, and this time it involves the most popular couple in the family which is, of course, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. In case you didn’t know, this couple is actually expecting a baby around July time, and recently Vuolo decided to open up about how he and his wife will raise their Child. It is worth mentioning here that Jinger isn’t the only Duggar woman that is pregnant as both Joy-Anna and Kendra are also expecting a child later in the year as well.

How will this couple raise their child?

As mentioned above, Vuolo just recently opened up about how he and his wife would be raising their Duggar child.

What happened was that he appeared on the Calvinist "Batman & Friends" podcast and in the podcast he decided he wanted to talk about how his child will be raised. To be more specific, he said that he needs to set an example for his child about following Christ by saying “If you’re not spending the time in the work yourself, if you’re not disciplining yourself to walk with Christ in your devotional time," Jeremy then continued, "Then how do you expect to really pour into [your] family.” In the very same podcast, Vuolo also confirmed the due date for Jinger as he said: ”My wife is pregnant and due in July with our first.” The baby was rumored to be due in July by many Duggar fans online, but now it is one hundred percent confirmed that Jinger will give birth in July.

What else is everyone in the Duggar family doing?

The Duggar family are always in the news for either something good or more likely something negative. A more recent example of some Duggar family news would be that the famed family cousin, Amy King, decided to say online that she wanted to adopt the Turpin kids. In case you forgot, the Turpin kids were the kids that were chained up in their own home while being tortured for years and years by their parents.

Some people have even compared the Duggar parents to the Turpin parents as they allegedly follow the same religion and they both home-school their kids. Another example of some news that this family is involved in is that Jill’s husband Derick Dillard was fired from the family’s reality television series “Counting On” after he made some rather transphobic remarks about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. From reading this article alone, you can tell this family is always in the news so be sure to follow Blasting News to keep up to date with this conservative clan.