Showrunner Rob Thomas revealed what happens when "iZombie" Season 4 opens. He painted a good picture that explains how Seattle becomes the brain capital for zombies. Fans have long to wait before Season 4 airs on The CW. The installment is expected to arrive midseason in 2018, possibly in June. There is no exact airdate yet.

Episode 1 details

The creator told Entertainment Weekly that the premiere opens with a montage or a PSA to explain how the brain system works in Seattle. A scene would show a guy dying and his brains harvested and placed in a shipping container.

The brain, then, goes to Seattle to a brain processing plant before it gets into a tube and, after, to a dispensary. Later, the dead man's brain goes to its undead recipient, "to a Zombie with a brain card," after which it gets consumed.

No zombie allowed to leave Seattle

Season 4 will have all the undead living in Seattle. No one is allowed to leave the city. Thomas revealed that Fillmore Graves and the US government will be working together to make sure this is followed. "It's in everyone's best interest. There's a mutually assured destruction there," Thomas said. There should be no reason for the zombies to leave Seattle. After all, the brains are not available outside of the city.

Humans want to turn in 'iZombie' Season 4

It is in everyone's best interest to contain the population of the undead in Seattle. This means putting up walls to prevent outsiders from getting inside. Thomas likened this wall to West Berlin since the government will spearhead the construction to prevent other people from getting in.

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Thomas revealed that the terminally ill people outside of Seattle especially want to get inside the city to be scratched since they want to continue living. This becomes a crisis for Chase Graves in Season 4. He is faced with the dilemma of either letting these dying humans survive or preventing them from coming into the city.

He has to weigh the pros and cons, considering that he has barely enough brains to feed the surviving zombies in Seattle.

The crime-solving cases continue

The crimes do not stop, according to Thomas. Season 4 will continue with Liv and Clive working together to solve crimes. The showrunner confirmed that Liv will continue to eat brains each week. However, the cases will be separated: human murders will be handled by the Seattle Police Department under Bozzio's leadership.

Blaine DeBeers never runs out of business ideas in 'iZombie' Season 4 and he always manages to find a way to attract zombie customers. Never mind that Chase Graves declined his business proposal to supply the city's undead with brains, Thomas confirmed that Blaine will open a new high-end brain restaurant where Shady Plots used to be.