Chelsea Houska is one of the least dramatic stars of "Teen Mom 2." Even when her enemy Jenelle Evans takes shots at Houska, all she can ever really blast her for is being "boring." As Chelsea has pointed out in the past, if that's supposed to be an insult, it's not. She's currently enjoying a happy life with husband Cole DeBoer. She already has one child with ex Adam Lind and another with DeBoer. Is it possible that the couple is expecting baby number three?

"Teen Mom 2" pregnancy rumors are nothing new and lately, Jenelle Evans even dealt with a round of them.

Now it looks like it's Chelsea's turn and some fans are convinced that she's got a bun in the oven that she hasn't announced to the world yet.

What sparked those pesky rumors?

On Sunday, Chelsea Houska posted a picture of herself and Cole DeBoer on Instagram. She captioned the pic, "I can’t remember the last time I wore clothes that wasn’t a sweatshirt/leggings and had my hair down. I decided I like this pic better lol."

Fans couldn't help but notice Chelsea's outfit, which consisted of a loose-fitting, white, cold-shoulder top and a pair of dark pants. Immediately there was speculation about why Houska might want to hide her midsection and one fan even asked the "Teen Mom 2" star, "Are you pregnant?"

The pregnancy rumors really started back in November.

Chelsea Houska tweeted, telling her fans that she wasn't feeling well. Immediately they started speculating about another pregnancy, Many of her followers suggested that she might be pregnant while others just flat-out asked.

Chelsea Houska responds to the rumors

The last time Chelsea was a victim of pregnancy rumors, she made light of it.

She joked that now, rather than assuming she's hungover when she is sick, her fans wonder if she's pregnant instead. At least she's not plagued with rumors of partying and drugs like some of her other "Teen Mom" counterparts.

Even then, the constant questions about being pregnant certainly can hurt a woman's ego.

According to OK Magazine, Chelsea Houska didn't just stop with a tweet this time around. Instead, she posted a now-deleted photo to Instagram and told those who follow her, "Please don't ask people that question. It's rude."

That's not exactly a denial which means that many "Teen Mom 2" fans are not likely to let the latest round of pregnancy rumors die. Some fans did come to Chelsea's defense, though, making it clear that they didn't think she was pregnant with baby number three and that she's looking great lately.

Do you think Chelsea Houska is pregnant with Cole DeBoer's baby? Or, is this just another round of rumors?