When you look at your backyard or even your Front Yard, what do you see? It may not look like much but, there is a lot of potential to help the environment and you. This potential is called a green space. I will enlighten you to why a green space is a great way to become more environmental. We all have some green in us.

The meaning of a green space

To me, it can be started at your home. Then can branch out into your community. If you own a home, start in your back or front yard. If you rent, use pots on your balcony or sitting area. Have no outside space, create one inside your home.

Make sure your it is by a window. Plants love to have some sunlight!

Any kind of plant you would like can be put in your space. Be creative! You can have a lot of flowers or even start a garden. Plant some bushes outside. There is a variety to choose from. Don’t have a yard? Put a table up and place your creation on it. Place a decorative cloth on the table to add some personality. Use your imagination.

Green space will bring a smile to your face

This could be a fun activity to do with your family or yourself. Once again it’s all about creativity. Make it your own. Have lots of color in your green space. I guarantee a smile will come across everyone’s face. The smell of the Plants can produce a relaxing aroma.

It can bring a sense of tranquility.

Shopping can be fun and exciting. There are so many options to choose from. Go to a local plant nursery also known as a greenhouse. Walmart even has a plant section to shop in. This could be an activity to bring the family together. A lot can be learned from a green space. As you can see, there are many ways to put a smile on your face.

Green space is environmental

You can feel great about yourself with green space. You will be helping the environment. The more plants you have, the better the air quality will be. Plants produce oxygen by a process called photosynthesis. Plants take the energy from the sunlight and change carbon dioxide into oxygen. More oxygen in the air will better your air quality.

With it being outside, will bring some wildlife to your home. It could create food and shelter. You could put a small pond, bird feeders, bird baths and so much more. The ideas are endless. Based on what you place for the animals will control what animals will come to your space.

Make your space into a garden. That would save on your grocery bill. You will become more environmental by not driving to the store as much. Less car gas will be used, which will pollute the air less. Carbon footprints will decrease. You will receive fresh food, and you can’t beat that.

Start one in your community

Go to town meetings and present the idea of a community green space. It would benefit the community and the environment.

A green space can bring a community together . Everyone can work together to bring it to life. Create a big community garden. The community can sell the produce and the profits could go straight to benefiting the community. For example to help the roads, schools, churches, libraries and so much more. Have benches in the space so everyone can relax and enjoy the beauty that they all created. There can be educational programs for everyone to participate in. Everyone can learn about the plants, animals, bugs and the science behind it all. It is a win-win for everyone.

Now go use your creativity, imagination and your inner green thumb to create a beautiful scenery!