There was a lot of drama in "Siesta Key" this week. Relationships exploded and a couple of new relationships arise out of the ashes. There were some "oh really, is this happening?" and some "okay a physical fight is about to happen," moments. I will be talking about these relationships individually because they all have juicy gossip to share.

Madisson gets a call from the past

Madisson was sitting on the beach talking with Kelsey about how she is ready to move on from Brandon. She wanted to get out, have a social life and see what happens. Kelsey told her that a lady from their New York trip called and scheduled a photo shoot for her in "Siesta Key."

While the girls were talking Madisson’s phone rang.

She looked at it and paused for a second. With a pleasant and shocked look on her face, she answered. It was her friend Ben from college. They dated on and off. The timing was always bad to actually commit to one another. He happened to be in town and wanted to catch up with her.

MTV - what perfect timing to introduce another love interest to build some drama! Sneaky, sneaky MTV. Meanwhile, Brandon was in the studio writing a song to try and win Madisson back. He will not accept that they are over. He still considers Madisson his girl. He wants to make this song perfect. Will this work? Is a song a good enough apology for cheating on your girlfriend? His friend Carson told him that it is over with Madisson and he should move on.

Brandon told him that Madisson is the first girl he said "I love you," to. He will not give up and wants to get her back.

A relationship we didn’t see coming

One relationship we didn’t see coming was Madisson’s sister Paige and Canvas, especially as Madisson does not like Canvas for obvious reasons involving Brandon. Even though like I said last week, she was the only one to Break The News about Brandon cheating.

No matter what she tries to do, Madisson will not like her. You would think that her younger sister Paige would not like Canvas either.

At first, she didn’t. She defended her sister Madisson and even confronted Canvas. She wanted to hear Canvas's side of the story. She went for some drinks to talk. She was apprehensive at first but then they started to get along.

They had a good time. At the end of the night, they kissed! We did not see that coming at all. What would Madisson think? Did she betray her sister? They ended up meeting again and talked about whether either of them had dated girls. They both decided that they didn’t regret what they did and that they enjoy each other’s company. They flirted and held hands across the table at this restaurant alongside the beach. Now Paige had to figure out how to break the news to her sister.

Best friend or boyfriend ultimatum

Juliette told Hannah what Alex said about her - that her relationship with her boyfriend is not perfect and he says they are not faithful to each other. Hannah asked Juliette if she said anything to defend her.

Juliette didn’t want to get in the middle. That made Hannah angry. She got hurt and disappointed that her supposed best friend didn’t protect her, especially when Juliette comes crying to her all the time about Alex. Alex thinks that Hannah is causing friction between his and Juliette’s relationship. Hannah doesn’t like Juliette with Alex, which usually doesn’t end well. Juliette will be forced to choose between Alex and Hannah.

Madisson had her date with Ben. They caught up with each other. She told him about Brandon. He asked if they were truly over and single. She let him know she is single. Meanwhile, Kelsey was at her photoshoot and it was not going well. She was used to runway modeling and not print.

They thought she was being too stiff. They handed her some criticism. Kelsey’s phone buzzed and she checked it. There on her phone was a post from Garrett on social media with the new girl Nicole. Her heart sunk. If he was posting pictures then maybe he was over her. She didn't want to be that girl again to come in between. At the same time, she still has feelings for him. Will she tell Garrett how she really feels before it’s too late?

Madisson met up with her best friend Tarik to see how he was doing. He recently came out about his sexuality to his mother and it didn’t go well. He left his house and is staying at a hotel. It is a shame that his mother won’t accept him for who he is. My heart goes out to him.

Madisson is proud of her best friend for standing up to his mother. Will she be understanding towards her sister Paige?

Later in the episode, Paige approached Madisson. She told her about Canvas and how they have been hanging out. Also, that they are more than friends. Madisson just gave a look of shock. Madisson felt betrayed that Paige would be so close to Canvas. She stormed off and wished her luck. That didn’t go the way Paige wanted but she suspected it would. Will there be a sister feud now? Will Paige be forced to decide to follow her heart or stay loyal to her sister?

Alex threw a party where drama explodes

Alex threw this party and everyone was invited. You could just feel the tension and drama waiting to happen.

Madisson walked in with Ben and was really happy. She introduced him to everyone except Brandon. She avoided him but Brandon saw them. He was not happy at all. He was angry that she would bring someone when he thinks that she is still his girl.

Tarik was at the party too. Brandon walked over to him to find out what was going on. Tarik was blunt with Brandon. He said that Madisson is over him and has moved on with Ben. Brandon does not want to believe it. They got into an argument and Tarik walked away. Brandon started drinking. Ben approached Brandon and you could just feel the tension. They basically had a "who is better," argument. Brandon tried to tell Ben to back off, that Madisson is his girl. Ben was not intimidated at all.

This was when it seemed like a fight was about to happen. Ben walked away and let Brandon know he is going to keep an eye on him.

On the other side of the party Hannah approached Alex. They started arguing about Juliette. Hannah was not happy about Alex talking about her behind her back and vice versa. Juliette saw the confrontation and tried to break it apart. It didn't end well. Hannah stormed off upset and Juliette walked away crying. Hannah felt betrayed by Juliette and left the party. It was clear that her boyfriend and best friend will never get along. She is in a hard place where she might be forced to choose.

There is o much drama in "Siesta Key" and with each episode it gets more intense. Until next time, in "Siesta Key" where drama never sleeps.