Fans of "The Bachelorette" love Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum. This mom of two isn't holding back and is talking about how hard it can be a being a mom. Us Weekly got the chance to talk to Ashley and catch up with how she is doing now. She is an obvious fan favorite from the show and one of the couples who found love and it actually worked for her in the real world.

What did Ashley have to share?

Us Weekly got the chance to catch up with Ashley at the Bridezilla Museum of Natural Hysteria in NYC on Thursday, February 22. Ashley even opened up about if she wants more children in the future with her husband that she met on "The Bachelorette" along with how difficult it can be to be a parent, even though it is also rewarding.

Ashley said that you do feel a lot of pressure and like you have to put your children in every single thing. Her son Fordham has been doing athletic stuff since he was just 15 months old and being a working mom this keeps her really busy.

Ashley shared that her son Fordham is just like J.P. and even looks like him. He loves sports and is very active it sounds like. Ashley does love staying busy with his sports and that they always have things to do.

Ashley shared about the difficulties

The reality star didn't hold back about how being a mom can be difficult. She shared and said, "It’s honestly so hard. When I first had my son I was that mom, [I thought] ‘I have to breastfeed, no formula, he has to be stimulated’ … his doctor said to me, ‘Ashley, give in a little, you’re trying to kill yourself and in the end your kids are going to see that stress on you.’ It’s the best thing I’ve heard parenting advice-wise.

Just give a little, let yourself be human, let yourself have hard days and good days, let yourself be.”

Being a mom isn't easy, but Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum wouldn't change it for the world just like the rest of us. The hardest job is also the most rewarding. That doesn't mean that Ashley and J.P. will keep having more babies, though.

She shared that they have got their girl and their boy and they are done. These two are very happy with the little family they have and don't have any plans of changing that in the future. This couple has been married since 2012 and are doing great. "The Bachelorette" really does have a pretty great track record compared to "The Bachelor."

Now the fans are waiting to see if Arie Luyendyk Jr.

will end up finding love and getting the right match on this season of "The Bachelor." In just two more weeks, fans will see how it all comes to an end for him. The season of "Bachelor Winter Games" that just came to an end had several couples end up still together.