Heather Locklear's recent arrest for domestic violence has left her with more than just legal problems, it has left her completely humiliated in front of her daughter, Ava. Radar Online reports that Heather's daughter Ava Sambora was also at Locklear's Thousand Oaks home when her mother was arrested for domestic violence on Sunday, February 25.

Is jail the only answer for Heather Locklear?

Inside sources allegedly told the celebrity news site that Sambora was very upset and left traumatized by her mother's violent altercation with boyfriend Chris Heisser.

As previously reported, a 911 call was answered on Sunday for a domestic violence claim. When police arrived they found noticeable marks on Heisser's face where Heather had bitten his nose.

Locklear bites boyfriend's nose during violent argument

As previously reported, while attempting to cuff Heather Locklear, she turned combative to officers and began swinging and kicking as they tried to place her in the squad car. Heather Locklear also claimed she had been injured in the altercation and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. She was checked out and taken to the Ventura Sheriff's Department where she was booked on charges of felony domestic violence and three cases of battery of police officers.

Ava reportedly witnessed the shocking behavior first hand. Ava Sambora currently works as a model and is the daughter of Locklear and former husband ex-Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

Ava, 20, is not naive when it comes to dealing with addiction. Not only has her mom, Heather, been to rehab six times for drug and alcohol abuse, but her dad, Richie Sambora, has also faced his own issues with substance abuse over the years.

Heather Locklear paid a $20,000 bail on Monday, February 26, and was released with a court date to appear on March 13. The story does not end with Locklear's arrest. Just hours after she was hauled off by the police, Locklear's boyfriend Chris Heisser was also arrested.

Heisser was picked up on Monday morning on DUI charges after police officers noticed him driving on the 101 highway at a considerably slow speed.

He was booked and given an April court date.

Oddly enough, Chris Heisser was the one who convinced Heather Locklear to return to rehab last December after revealing his major concern for her safety and well being. The entire situation is very sad for not only Heather Locklear and Chris Heisser, but for all that know them. It has not been confirmed at this time as to whether or not drugs and alcohol played a role in Locklear's loss of control.

Since Heather Locklear has a long and extensive record of domestic violence and substance abuse issues it is highly probable that she could face a fair amount of time behind bars. Reps for Locklear have no comment at this time. What are your thoughts on Locklear's arrest?