Things do not appear to be going well for Bon Jovi's ex-lead guitarist Richie Sambora on his current solo venture. In fact, fans are downright disappointed and angry and they are letting him know it! Fans took to Richie's Facebook page ranting that his recent Melbourne show at the Margaret Court Arena really stunk it up.

What happened to Richie Sambora?

Things started off bad right from the beginning with fans getting very antsy after Richie was more than an hour late taking the stage. Sambora offered no apologies or excuses to the fans who have described him as being very intoxicated, or high and unable to remember the lyrics to his own songs.

It was also revealed that it was more than obvious as Sambora's current girlfriend Orianthi was more than frustrated as she attempted to keep the show going on her own at times. Many described the show as awkward and sad to watch that is if you were one of the ones able to stick it out and not leave the venue early.

Does Richie Sambora have regrets over leaving Bon Jovi?

Facebook ranters claim that the show consisted of too many Bon Jovi and cover songs with Richie performing only one of his tunes. Fans were eager to hear the promised tunes from Richie Sambora's upcoming album. Agitated fans are still complaining about the performance and demanding refunds for the disappointing event.

Since the show fans are wondering what is going on with Richie, did he fall off of the wagon again, was he ill, or did performing without Jon proving to be much too difficult for him?

At this time no official answers have been reported. Sambora has since cancelled his stop in Perth but is still scheduled for Brisbane and Sydney.

In a recent interview Richie was asked about the chance that he would ever return to Bon Jovi? He stated that there was always a chance and he would 'never say never.' It is a well-known fact that thousands of dedicated Bon Jovi fans were more than disappointed when Sambora suddenly left the last Bon Jovi tour in 2013 and they have kept the faith that he would one day return.

Could that one day be getting closer than we think? If it's true and if Richie is no longer sober it is highly unlikely that Jon would even consider the possibility now. Bon Jovi has a new album, "This House Is Not For Sale" due out in October, and a tour announcement may not be far behind for the popular rock band.

However Jon is a very serious musician and business man and it could be that he may never be able to trust Richie to come back and not leave the band high and dry hours before the show, not to mention Phil X has managed to fit in nicely with Jon, David, and Tico and would it be fair to him to allow Sambora back after all this time?

Let us know your thoughts on this one. Do you believe Richie Sambora is having major regrets about leaving Bon Jovi, did he find being the boss is more than just stepping out on stage to lay and sing, or is there more to this than meets the eye?