Heather Locklear's personal issues and troubles with the law continue for the 56-year-old former "Melrose Place" star. Locklear was arrested on Sunday evening in Thousand Oaks, California after someone reported Domestic Violence. Police arrived on the scene to investigate the claims and things quickly went from bad to worse for Locklear. Reports from TMZ reveal that Heather became extremely combative and physically attacked one of the responding police officers.

Has Heather fallen off the wagon again?

The 911 call reveals that Locklear's brother arrived at her home in Thousand Oaks and found Heather Locklear and her boyfriend engaged in an explosive fight.

He immediately called 911. Officers on the scene reveal that Locklear's boyfriend had visible marks on his person, which led to her arrest. Local PD attempted to arrest the actress when she became extremely combative. The actress is reported to have begun kicking and swinging at the officers.

Rock bottom, is jail the answer?

She was cuffed and transported to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation after claiming injury. Heather Locklear has a long history of problems with the law and substance abuse. The actress has reportedly attended rehab treatment six times in recent years for struggles with alcohol and prescription pills.

This is also not her first domestic violence issue. In 2011, officers responded to a DV call at the home of Locklear's then-boyfriend Jack Wagner.

The couple had engaged in a heated argument that had turned violent. Wagner stated to the LAPD at the time that Heather had "lost it" and he fought back.

Neither Heather Locklear nor Wagner wanted to press charges at the time. However, this time it is a whole new issue for Heather. Many fans believe the troubled actress has once again spiraled out of control and is once again abusing drugs and booze.

As previously reported by BN, in December of 2017, Locklear checked back into a rehab facility for her sixth attempt at treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Heather's family and friends expressed great concern for the "Dynasty" actress' health and well-being, believing that if Heather did not once again get help, things could possibly end very badly for the fallen actress.

At that time Locklear agreed to the treatment, claiming she was hoping to kick off 2018 on a more positive note. This is sad news for the family who had high hopes for her recovery. Hopefully she will eventually find her way for her daughter Ava Sambora, her family, and mostly, for herself before it is too late.

Heather Locklear was released by Monday morning, according to county inmate records, after posting a $20,000 bail.