This year seems to be a terrific one for movies, as well as the gaming industry. One of the surprises has been a standalone film for the villain "Venom" from the Spider-Man universe. In this case, this film will be a reprisal of the symbiote because he has been in films but only as a feature in the movie "Spider-Man 3."

It is interesting to see a standalone film for the monster seeing as he is a complex character with a strange origin. A recent trailer has come out highlighting what the film will bring. While it was short and vague there are some elements that give it potential to be a great film for this year.

The trailer

The trailer for the movie did not show off much of "Venom" in general, but it showed off the early wild transformations of turning into the symbiote. The movie will be embracing its R-rating as well with Tom Hardy screaming in the sneak peek.

The peek showed off more of the nice environment as the movie will be taking place in beautiful California. A running monologue shows an unfortunate turn of events and that any moment something truly bad can happen to someone. A death in the family, a break-up, an accident, or something else and that is what will happen to Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

Although the trailer rarely showed the symbiote itself or the monster, the movie looks suspenseful and intriguing.

Tom Hardy looks like the right man to play the character and pull off the role. True fans of the slinging superhero will most likely go to see this film to see the infamous villain. The trailer is currently #1 on the list at 7.3 million views and counting. The trailer is also incredibly short -- clocking in at one minute and 50 seconds long.


An article on IndieWire by Zack Sharf does a brilliant job of capturing the trailer and highlighting aspects that people could have missed. He states that "it looks like "Venom" will be somewhat of an origin story mixed with a scientific thriller."

"The movie stars Hardy opposite Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. Ruben Fleischer, best known for making "Zombieland" and "Gangster Squad.

"Venom" promises to be the next big R-rated superhero film following "Logan" and the "Deadpool" films."

Some takeaways

The marketing for this film is spot on as described by the author in the article. They are trying to boost sales by not giving it all away like other successful films have done in the past. Michelle Williams is a great actress, and it seems she is the ex-girlfriend of the main character and this strain is going to play out in the film. There is also no word on whether or not Carnage could be in the film, but it is possible.

Overall, the teaser shows a lot of promise for the film. Hardy looks like he is going to stun audiences with his performance and the trailer does a good job of showing horrific moments coming. "Venom" is set to arrive officially on October 5th.