Last week's episode not only gave us a surprise visit from Rainbow Johnson but it also ended with the end of Zoey and Cash's relationship. Our protagonist was left devastated, but at least she and Nomi made up at the end. An article from Good Men Project hinted that things could get a little messy for Zoey as she deals with the heartbreak of losing her first love, but there is indeed some light at the end of the tunnel. Let's take a deeper look at what happened tonight:

A blackout turns a Girls' Night out into a Girls' Night in

Its been three weeks since Cash and Zoey broke up, and she's depressed.

A bed filled with snacks, a laptop to binge-watch sappy movies, and the girl hasn't even washed her hair! Her friends are rightfully concerned, and decide to take her out partying. She reluctantly accepts, only for there to be a blackout right before they head out.

The girls decide to light some candles and get Zoey to vent. Ana tells her it's normal to grieve, while the twins tell her that even if you love someone, it doesn't always work out (sage advice indeed). Nomi tells Zoey to find something she dislikes about Cash, and this eventually works. Progress, right? Wrong. When the twins mention that they iced Cash out when they saw him in public, she inadvertently reveals that they're still talking to each other post-breakup.

The rebound 'Zoe'

The girls are annoyed. The basics of breaking up include cutting off all contact with the ex. She fell for the old run around (liking Instagram posts followed up with a "Hey" text), and feels bad. She tries to unfollow Cash, but she doesn't have the heart to do it. She gives her phone to Nomi while she heads off to the bathroom.

There's a knock on the door, and Ana checks to see that it's Aaron with a bottle of "bubbly." Everyone immediately clocks what his end game is. He's trying to sweep in now that Cash is out of the picture (Team Aaron fans rejoice!), but he denies it...until Vivek does the same thing to a girl across the hallway and gets turned down.

After both boys are invited in, Aaron tells the girls that guys get over breakups easier than girls. The girls are skeptical, and Aaron explains that guys are better at compartmentalizing their feelings. Vivek says he works out post-breakup, and by working out, he bench presses while crying over Bruno Mars music. Both guys do tell Zoey that she does need to leave her room and put herself back out there. The girls (and Vivek) uncoincidentally leave Zoey and Aaron alone to talk. After some self-deprecating comments from Zoey, Aaron starts listing things off that he likes about her. It's a cute little moment, and it definitely cheers Zoey up...until Aaron accidentally lets her know that Cash is hooking up with...

Zoe Kravitz?!

What ifs and goodbyes

Zoey rants about "the other Zoe" and how Cash is blatantly disrespecting her. After all, its only been three weeks! Her friends are failing pretty hard at trying to cheer her up over this, but at least Zoey's sadness has turned to anger, right? That's progress. The girls quickly usher the boys out of their room, and Zoey declares that she's going to call Cash. The girls inform her that it's a bad idea, but she doesn't care.

She goes out to call him in the hallway, and Cash ends up meeting her in person. She yells at him in person, and he ends up admitting that he screwed up, but all he wants is her.

He goes in for the kiss,'s revealed that it's all a fantasy. Zoey hasn't even called him, and she ends up not calling him, much to the girls' relief. She explains that something didn't feel right about calling him, and the girls tell her to always go with her gut. Zoey narrates that although it took her a while to get over Cash, it was a little help from her friends that eventually led her to say goodbye. And with that, she deletes him from her contacts.

In the end

The episode ends up with the crew deciding to have their own little hallway dance party after turning down an invite to one where they'd have to bring their own alcohol. It's an endearing and funny moment to watch. "Grown-ish" continues to do a wonderful job at exploring the different facets of college life, along with providing a variety of methods or tips that young adults could use in real life when it comes to dealing with similar scenarios.

We're more than halfway through the season now, and if the back half keeps up the momentum (where, according to Eurweb, we'll see more Charlie Telphy), we're in for some more fun episodes. Catch "Grown-ish" every Wednesday night at 8PM on Freeform.