Are mermaids real or are they like Big Foot, the Jersey Devil and the Moth Man, which are all legends passed down through the years for many, but very real to some who claim they've had encounters? Just like reported encounters with these entities, people are reporting witnessing mermaids, Killer mermaids.

A group of school-age boys were herding cattle when they spotted something shimmering near the village dam, prompting two of the youngsters to investigate.The shimmering was coming from under the water so the two boys dove in.

Killer mermaids

Something pulled the boys under and let them go just as they were out of air.

The boys came up and climbed onto some rocks to catch their breath when their parents arrived to the dam. As the boys were gaining back their strength, reports indicate a mermaid surfaced and snatched the boys for a second and fatal time.

These boys were not the only ones who were reportedly taken by the killer mermaids of Zimbabwe. The boys drowned on February 19, but prior to their ill-fated encounter with a mermaid, there have been "eerily similar previous drownings," reports the Inquisitr.

Mermaids near the dam

The village that is situated near the dam had two other drownings very near where the boys were drown.Police in Zimbabwe will not offer an opinion on whether they believe a killer mermaid is involved in these killings or not, but the villagers are convinced.

The two boys who drown back in February were with a group of several boys and the parents reportedly were also at the dam. According to reports there were several people who witnessed this mermaid and they also witnessed the mermaid take the two boys under the water.

Rid the area of mermaids?

Mysterious Universe reports that there were several sightings of mermaids on the banks of the dam right before the boys were drown.

According Pastor Mapingure of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, these mermaids have been a problem for years in Africa. He was given the task of ridding the mermaids via a ritual cleansing back in 2012.

This came on the heels of a construction crew who stopped all work and refused to go on when they spotted the mermaids in the water near their dam site.

They claimed the mermaids were "messing with their machinery, reports the website Mysterious University.

Part of the cleansing ritual entails brewing of beer. Once the pastor did the cleansing the construction crews did go back to work and they were no longer bothered by these shape-shifting creatures of the deep.

Mermaid folklore

There are many different stories spun around these mermaids, much like the Big Foot folklore here in America. Some say if you are pulled under by a mermaid and not drowned, they will feed you and take you to where they live.

Another part of the folklore warns not to cry in the presence of a mermaid. This angers them and they may act out in a manner that is the polar opposite of the traditional thoughts that a mermaid is gentle.

This may be what happened to the school boys who were taken under for a second time by the mermaid. When the mermaid first released the boys and they climbed onto the rocks, the parents were crying because they had thought the boys drown. The villagers believe this crying may be what prompted the mermaid to take the boys that second time and drown them, which is how the legend goes.

Gentle mermaids

Mermaids in other cultures are fabled creatures that are considered gentle. They emerge to steer ships away from rocks and guide ships out of storms. These are the more traditional stories of mermaids that most folks are used to. Killer mermaids are a fairly new concept to many who always believed the folklore created them as gentle creatures. If the movie "Jaws" didn't keep you out of the ocean water, maybe the story of the killer mermaids might?K