james kennedy and Lala Kent used to have a thing for each other. They both have someone in their lives now, but the fans are still wondering if he might still have feelings for her. E! Online shared about what the new preview shows and what goes down tomorrow night.

Lala tells James things need to change

Lala Kent feels like they need to be careful and have some boundaries now that they are both dating people. In the clip, James explains it saying "I've loved you, so you have to understand...I'm not used to it yet." Lala makes sure he knows how she feels, though.

She says, "Do you know how much respect we owe to Raquel and my dude? We have to have boundaries." James will get so mad at her that he walks out of the room.

James says that he had only met her man three times and that he was "coming for her man." James also admits that he doesn't seem them as a perfect fit.

This was filmed a while ago and both are still dating the person they were with at the time. So hopefully that means that they were able to work through all of this and figure out a way to make it work.

Lala and James' relationship

These two have been through a lot. There were so many rumors that they were dating, but they never admitted to it. As James said, they were best friends off and on for a while.

Lala even admits that they were intimate at one time. During this talk on "Vanderpump Rules," Lala gets so upset that she is in tears. James makes it clear that he isn't used to seeing her with someone new.

Back in January, things got really crazy between Lala and James on Twitter. They were arguing with each other and it really does look like this friendship is not the same as it used to be.

James told her that she was with a "fat man" and that he would eventually get bored with her. Of course, he was wrong so far because these two are still together and doing well. Lala Kend fired back at him and was really upset. She was cussing at him in every single thing she said. The recent episode where Lala and James got into a fight about "the pasta" things got pretty bad.

She later said, "After rewatching it, reliving it, and then dealing with his constant attacks on a regular basis, I'm sadly mourning the loss of our friendship." They may never be friends again.

Do you feel like James Kennedy has feelings for Lala Kent? Do you think they will ever end up together? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.