The London Olympics in 2012 was the last performance of The Spice Girls, and they have confirmed that the five of them would rejoin with new projects that would pay handsome dividends. Victoria Beckham (43) posted a group photo on social media showing herself with her co-stars Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm. They are the five members of the group, and the photo is believed to have been taken in London in the house of Geri Horner.

Sky New reports that they held a meeting to discuss new opportunities to join forces and undertake projects that would bring in good returns.

The reunion appeared to have worked miracles for them, and they are excited.

Their future projects

The original essence of The Spice Girls is to reinforce the message of female empowerment for future generations, and there are innumerable opportunities that they want to exploit. They had split in 2000, two years after Horner, formerly Geri Halliwell, left the group.

They now want to show that women power can make a difference. In the opinion of fashion designer Victoria Beckham, the time has arrived when they could reunite. She had earlier been reluctant, and the change in her stand could benefit the team.

The stars belonged to the world of show business and had been on top during the late 1990s until 2000.

They will continue to remain in the entertainment industry and are now believed to be eyeing new projects in China. Other areas of interest are a new television talent show, endorsement deals and an album that will be a compilation to celebrate their greatest hits. It seems they may not go in for a full tour because of they their own family and business commitments.

It was a delayed reunion

The standard UK adds that The Spice Girls came together to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the release of their debut single “Wannabe” after their plans came to naught last year. According to rumors, music manager Simon Fuller is the man behind their new projects. Victoria Beckham is a top designer who loves singing, and she has her eyes on making money.

She wants that fund to augment her business.

The Guardian has revealed a few interesting facts about how they have kept themselves busy after their breakup. Melanie Brown has acted as a judge on a number of talent shows. Victoria Beckham is a well-known fashion designer. Emma Bunton is a radio presenter on Heart London, while Geri Horner has written books and been a judge of talent shows including the BBC’s “All Together Now.” They now plan to come together not for a tour or a new album but to revive old memories.