Penélope Cruz spoke to El Pais ahead of the Goya Awards in Madrid over the weekend and opened up about her life, her amazing career and the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. Speaking from the perspective of both female and male victims of sexual harassment and abuse, Cruz said that each case is different, but that all should be investigated.

Interview with Penélope Cruz

Cruz, 45, spoke to Gregorio Belinchón last week from her Madrid home, ahead of the Goya Awards, where the “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” actress received a nomination in the Best Actress category for the film “Loving Pablo.” This was Cruz’s 10th nomination, but ultimately it was Nathalie Poza who snagged the Best Actress award.

However, as noted by the Daily Mail, the actress was seen to look stunning in a long-sleeved white dress, alongside her handsome husband, actor Javier Bardem. However, the actress will be receiving an honorary César award in France this March and is heading for a new film project in summer.

Belinchón mentioned to Cruz that the Association of Women Filmmakers in Audiovisual Media (CIMA) were taking action at the Goya Awards to bring attention to the low number of women in Spanish-made films. He asked if this was the right time to do this.

Time’s Up and the #MeToo movement

Cruz said that as a part of the #MeToo movement she believes this is an issue affecting all of society and not only the film industry. She said that as men and women, all feel a sense of injustice and rage. Cruz went on to say she has donated to the Time’s Up initiative, which she says is a wonderful movement, which has raised $17 million around the world from donations.

Cruz said this is not just relating to the film industry, but to any industry and that it supports both women and men. In other words, anyone who has suffered from sexual harassment or assault, or abuse of power and who are in need of justice and protection. She said this is why they created the fund.

Belinchón mentioned that French signatories were worried the movement might turn into a witch hunt, which Cruz admitted could be true.

However she went on to say she believes each case must be judged on a separate basis as each is unique. Speaking of #MeToo in the news, Cruz said the media must take care not to point the finger at the wrong person, but every incident of sexual harassment or assault must be investigated fully. She went on to ask, without this, why would there be laws on the subject as there are legal boundaries, adding that she believes in justice.

Balancing work and family time

Speaking of her career, Cruz said she now works at a slower pace than she did when she was in her late 20s and in her 30s, where she said she practically lived on a movie set. She said that having the time to choose her projects gives her quality time with her family, allowing her to maintain a balanced life.

She did say that besides films, she is involved in her production company and works as a designer with her sister, Mónica, as well as her work with Lancôme. However Cruz went on to stress that as a mother, she finds it very important to balance her work and family life.