The rumors have been flying like crazy that Kylie Jenner was pregnant, but she didn't confirm it at all. Now, she finally went to her Instagram page and shared with fans that she was pregnant and actually already had her baby. Everyone was sure she would announce it before the baby got here.

What did Kylie have to say?

Kylie Jenner isn't holding back much now. She told the fans in a post that she was sorry for "keeping you in the dark." She hid this news even though the rumors flew. Kylie shared that she knows everyone is used to being part of her journey, but that her pregnancy was one she wanted to do in secret.

Kylie wasn't even in the big Kardashian Christmas card, so it isn't surprising that she really was pregnant.

Another thing that Kylie talked about is how she loved being pregnant and will actually miss it. She shared that on February 1, she had her baby. She revealed that it was a baby girl, but didn't share the name yet. Now, it sounds like Kylie might be ready to share with fans all about her little girl.

Kylie shares 11-minute video

Kylie Jenner also shared an 11-minute video that she put together. The video started out with Kris Jenner having Kylie and then went on to her pregnancy journey. In this video, she does confirm that Travis Scott is the father of her child. Her best friend explains that they were in the bathroom and Kylie took a test and they found out the news.

She was actually pregnant at the same time as her sister Khloe Kardashian. Khloe just confirmed her pregnancy but hasn't actually had her baby yet. Kim Kardashian just had a baby through a surrogate as well, so they will all have children very close in age growing up together. At fifteen weeks, Kylie already knew she was having a girl.

She also shared several pictures and videos of herself with the bump that she had never shared with fans.

Kylie's fan talked about how she was born to be a mom and has already shared that she wants one. It sounds like Kylie didn't gain too much weight during this pregnancy. Travis' family was going to appointments and were obviously very excited just like Kylie's family and friends.

It sounds like this little girl is surrounded by love.

Are you shocked to hear that Kylie Jenner already had a baby? Do you think that she will start sharing with fans now? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" when they air on Sunday nights on E!.