Jessa Duggar and ben seewald are raising two little boys and seem to be doing a great job with it. That doesn't stop the Fans of the show "Counting On" from freaking out, though. In Touch Weekly shared that the fans have figured out that they live right by a highway and they are freaked out over this idea.

Fans aren't happy the kids could be in trouble

Living near a highway can be scary with two small children, but also if you are watching them all the time then children live by highways safely all the time. The fans have figured out that they live on a .46 acre lot that is right next to Interstate 49.

This interstate in Arkansas is actually known for a lot of deadly crashes. This is a scary place to have children by. The Duggars home where they grew up was further back from the road.

You can see in pictures that when the kids are outside there is not a fence between them and the highway. The only thing there is a line of trees. In one picture, Ben is seen holding his son Spurgeon on his shoulders, so obviously he is safe, but the fans notice that there is no fence behind him. Maybe if they put a fence up everyone wouldn't worry about their children quite so much.

On February 10, there was a really bad accident on this road. Washington County Sheriff's Office shared saying "If you know someone driving NB on I-49 who may be headed toward this area (S of WF exit), please call them and warn them.

This is a serious, multi-vehicle accident. SLOW DOWN - DRIVE SAFELY!"

They get a lot of backlash

This couple gets a lot of backlash from fans. Everyone questions their every move. They have noticed that the kids were playing near a fireplace. They were also not happy that one of the children threw a phone in the toilet and they feel like they might have been in the bathroom unsupervised.

The fans of the show give Jessa and Ben Seewald a hard time, but they aren't the only ones. They also aren't easy on Jill and Derick Dillard over the way that they parent their children. When you put your lives out there for the world to see, then people are going to be judgemental about it. Jinger and Jeremy will probably get a lot of trouble from fans once they have their child as well.

Do you feel like Jessa and Ben Seewald should be concerned about living by a highway? Do you think the fans are worrying too much? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC. It is almost time for the Duggars to be back on television again.