David Eason is clearly proud of his wife, even when she's making bad decisions. Today, "Teen Mom 2" fans slammed both David and Jenelle for just that because they think that a picture David posted on Instagram to show off Jenelle was extremely insensitive and badly timed.

Jenelle's photos

Apparently, Jenelle Evans' idea of romance is a day of shooting targets while dressed like it's date night. David Eason posted the controversial pictures of Jenelle on Valentine's Day, wishing her a happy one with a comment that ready, "My babes a bad a** babe! Happy Valentine's day!" followed by a string of hashtags.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal except that it was because today there was a tragic school shooting in South Florida where at least 17 deaths have been confirmed. As social media users discussed the shocking event and debated gun control and other ways to reduce the number of shootings happening around the country, many were appalled that David would post a picture, calling it a case of very bad timing.

Within an hour of posting Jenelle's target practice photo, the comments section filled up with opinions about the photo, the timing of posting it to social media and also Jenelle and David's decision to even go shooting after such a huge tragedy. Everything about the photo and the "Teen Mom 2" couple was up for debate and things definitely got heated.

Fans react to David's post

It didn't take David Eason long to turn the comments off on the controversial Jenelle Evans photos. He wasn't quick enough because there are plenty of screenshots of the reaction prior to that. Notice that he didn't take down the photos, opting instead to make it impossible for angry reality TV fans to comment on them anymore.

"Probably not the most sensitive post given the terrible school shooting that happened today," one comment said.

"Just because there was a shooting doesn't change how people feel about guns," someone replied in defense of David's post. "Just remember it wasn't the gun's fault it was used for that, it's the sick individual that pulled the trigger to blame."

Then there were those who ignored the huge gun in Jenelle's hand and commented on everything else.

"She cute. Lol but I love how thick her hair is god bless it," wrote one such fan.

It wasn't long before commenters got back to the issue at hand, being outraged over this particular set of Jenelle Evan's photos. There were several comments that talked about how this photo was posted "too soon" after the Florida school shooting and that the timing was just very bad. Many suggested that out of all the photos they likely took today, that David could have and probably should have posted one that didn't involve a big gun and target practice.

Even with the comments turned off, the debate is still raging over whether David and Jenelle should have maybe not posted a picture of her posing sexily with a gun during target practice on a day when so many kids died due to gun violence.