''This Is Us'' is about to conquer the world as an increasingly larger audience headed for the NBC-produced TV drama. It's been an interesting journey indeed, and judging by the current trend, the real ascension is yet to begin. Starting as an unconventional drama provided ''This Is Us'' with the perfect mix of novelty and emotional struggle.

The upward spiral got a proper sense of clarity once the Season 2 started. Finding itself only three episodes away from the Season 2 finale might ignite some mixed feelings among its audience. For those who have kept a close eye on the show, the ending chunk of the ongoing season is set to bring in a different picture than expected.

A post-climax environment is about to unfold

''This Is Us'' Season 2 finale is likely to bring in waves of reflection rather than dramatically delivered emotions. That's due to its unique narrative construction. The height already happened as Jack's death was widely pictured over the last two episodes. This fact leaves three episodes to settle things down, and judging by the average length of an episode, it seems likely to have dozens of introspections, self-centered analysis, and flashback inside the Pearson universe.

On top of that, Miguel, Jack's best friend and the future husband of Jack's widow Rebecca, will most likely get a wider exposure on screen.

Jack's death wasn't' the only fact stirring things up.

Somewhere around the middle of the current season, it was his son Kevin who had to dig himself out of a dark hole. Struggling with a painkillers addiction and a drinking problem too, Kevin came within range with a tragedy.

The longer the narrative gets, the complexity department suffers a new update. It may sound like a cliche, but the deeper the scope explores, the more intriguing things come up to the surface for general scrutiny.

March 13 will deliver the last episode of Season 2 while Season 3 is expected to return next fall.

Where do you go from here?

The Pearsons have been to hell and back on multiple occasions. But, each time, they somehow managed to keep their heads above the water. None of them had an easy ride. Randall has been through a lot with the adoption adventure.

Kevin's notorious issues put him in some life-threatening situation he barely escaped from. Kate had her own struggle, especially after she lost the pregnancy. And finally, there it was Rebecca Pearson trying to find a calm environment while standing in the eye of the storm.

Where the course of action may go from here, it's impossible to say at the moment. What we do know for sure is that there'll be at least a Season 3 to figure out the puzzle.