The 90th Academy Awards is indeed creating a buzz this year even before it started. Last year’s boo-boo during the announcement of the Best Picture winner will surely be history once this year’s Oscars is over. Here’s a rundown of issues surrounding Oscar 2018:

Racism in Films

Three Billboards” – It has been deemed racist by some people on Twitter. Everything is an issue on Twitter these days, though. the issue has stemmed up from Sam Rockwell’s police officer role who is a racist in the film, and how the film can lean towards racist sympathizers.

Martin McDonagh defends the film and says that character realizes the error of his ways, although the film ends without having to show how the character changes. As McDonagh says, he is in no way supposed to be a “redeemed hero” of the movie. “We’re trying to do something that’s a bit little more difficult and more thoughtful.”

The film won Best International Film at the Australian Academy Awards.

Get Out” – Although the issue of the film actually tackles racism, some people still believe that the movie is racist. Some claim that the movie is promoting "white genocide". That did not stop the film from being widely recognized worldwide.

This movie recently won Original Screenplay in WGA Awards.

Dunkirk” – Although not being accused of extreme racism, this historical film is said to be whitewashed. Although people of color can be seen throughout the film, prominent roles have been given to white actors.

Plagiarism Issue

Audience favorite “The Shape of Water” has 13 nominations in several categories. However, controversy ensued when the estate of Paul Zindel, a Pulitzer-winning playwright, claimed that the film is a rip-off of the play “Let Me Hear You Whisper”.

Producers of "The Shape of Water" are firm in their statement that Del Toro has never seen the play, which was aired on TV around 50 years past.

Let Me Hear You Whisper” is about a janitress in a research facility who forms a bond with a captive dolphin and attempts to rescue the creature. The plot is similar to Del Toro's film, except that the aquatic creature has humanoid features. Further similarities include the female janitor learning how to communicate with the aquatic creature, dancing to a love song in front of the tank, and the facility being a military research laboratory.

Abuse Controversy

In line with the recent #MeToo movement and Time’s Up movement, allegations about Gary Oldman’s abusive behavior during his marriage with Donya Fiorentino may cost the actor the Best Actor award.

Even the Best Picture award for his film Darkest Hour is in danger because of the same concern.

Whether these controversies will affect the results of the 90th Academy Awards will remain to be seen. What is clear, though, is that these Oscar nominees are definitely worth watching.