Briana DeJesus has been the target of many relationship rumors. It has been several months since the talk of her and Javi Marroquin dating began. In the beginning, the two were coy about their relationship, but eventually, they did confirm it. Last month, DeJesus confirmed their split. Since then, there has been talk of reconciliation. Marroquin even showed up in Miami to help Briana prepare for her surgery. It was an attempt to get back together, but he was met with Devoin. That prompted him to leave almost immediately.


Now, Briana DeJesus is home recovering from her plastic surgery with Dr.

Miami. This is the second time she has had procedures done with the famous Snapchat doctor. Javi Marroquin was against her going, but Devoin stepped up to help her take care of Nova and Stella while she was recovering. This was also something Kailyn Lowry had planned to do. She backed out at the last minute, which garnered a lot of attention because Marroquin was talking about how “proud” of her he was.

Devoin has been spending a lot of time with Briana DeJesus. He is essentially living at her place while she recovers. She has been teasing living with a man on social media which has prompted rumors and speculations. Right now, Devoin is literally just stepping up and taking care of his responsibility.

He is Nova's dad, and now, he seems to be doing more for his daughter. DeJesus has revealed that Luis, Stella's father, is completely out of the picture and has been for months. With Briana filming “Teen Mom 2,” the truth about everything will come to light.

Briana gives exclusive statement

In an Exclusive statement to Blasting News, Briana DeJesus opens up about her future and relationship with Devoin.

She says; “For people questioning if I would get back with Devoin, the answer is a definite no lol. As I previously stated, Devoin showed up to help me recover from my surgery and more so help me with my daughters, one of which (as fans know) happens to be his. It’s called him helping to co-parent and helping me out during a time of need.

There’s nothing more to it and I would never, ever get back with him.”

It appears the “Teen Mom 2” star has her mind made up when it comes to her ex-boyfriend. Briana DeJesus is currently filming a new season which is expected to begin airing in the next several weeks. Fans are looking forward to seeing the drama play out on MTV, especially when it comes to relationship stuff.