DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are worried about the future of their “batgirl” after joss whedon decided to withdraw from writing and directing the project. It came as a surprise because in March 2017, he had revealed that he would be teaming with the DC universe. He is knowledgeable in such matters and his sudden decision to move away is strange.

According Los Angeles Times, studios are keen to promote movies that revolve around the make-believe world of superheroes. The audience loves such characters and a movie like “Batgirl” was an attractive proposal because such movies have a ready market as has been seen in the past.

Fantasy movies are crowd pullers

Wonder Woman” was one of those fantasy movies that brought in more than $800 million to DC and Warner Bros. It was a worldwide success at the box office. “Captain Marvel,” a movie by Marvel and Disney, is in the making. It stars Brie Larson. “Batgirl” was expected to join the fray but, with the decision of Joss Whedon, the fate of the project hangs in the balance.

Whedon had done Marvel’s “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Subsequently, he handled Warner/DC’s “Justice League” because its director Zack Snyder had to leave the project due to personal reasons. Obviously, Whedon knows his job and the production house had faith in his abilities. He has explained that “Batgirl” is an exciting project, and Warners/DC are great partners to work with.

However, he wants to opt out because he does not have any suitable story to match with the concept of superheroes. His decision appears to be confusing.

Is the world of superheroes shrinking?

“Aquaman,” directed by James Wan is another movie of Warner Bros. and DC scheduled for release later this year, and the decision of Joss Whedon has put a question mark on the fate of “Batgirl.

” The story must match the concept of superheroes and the search must already have begun for a suitable narrative that will keep the viewer captivated.

The problem faced by Joss is genuine. Most of these super characters would have exhausted all possible combinations. One of these superheroes came from another planet to fight crime on this planet.

He had the power to travel from one place to another at lightning speed and take the criminals by surprise. Another used his magical web to swing from one location to another to nab criminals. There has been innumerable movies made with such characters, and it is a tough task today to create an original story line.

Of course, noted author Roxane Gay has volunteered to undertake the job. She wrote for Marvel’s “World of Wakanda” comic book series, and it seems she wants to utilize this opportunity.