Teen Mom 2” has been making headlines for the last several weeks. Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been the targets, but other cast members have also been in the limelight. Briana DeJesus has been busy moving on with her life after her relationship with Javi Marroquin ended. She has been friendly with Evans and Eason since joining “Teen Mom 2” last year, and now, she is being thrown into a situation because viewers want to know where she stands.

Friendship with Jenelle Evans

Briana DeJesus was essentially shunned by the “Teen Mom 2” girls. Jenelle Evans was the only one who attempted to get to know her, and the two forged a bond.

In fact, DeJesus spoke up for the couple when the knife-wielding event occurred while filming. She supported the couple, and it was appreciated by them. Since then, Briana and Jenelle have kept in contact and have been seen on social media interacting. It was essentially these two versus the three other girls in the cast, and that was made clear when jabs were thrown by Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry on the “Coffee Convos” podcast.

Yesterday, it was announced by MTV that the network was cutting ties with David Eason. “Teen Mom 2” is still filming for another six weeks, but they will no longer be working with Jenelle Evans' husband. This has raised a lot of questions. Fans have been waiting to see what the other cast members will say about what happened.

Eason was fired because of his homophobic and transphobic remarks on Twitter. When he sent the tweets, he immediately garnered more attention than he intended. Eason and Evans attempted damage control, but it didn't work.

Briana DeJesus speaks out

In an exclusive statement to Blasting News, Briana DeJesus commented on David Eason being terminated from “Teen Mom 2.” She said; “It’s a sensitive topic...

I am Jenelle’s friend and I’m here to support her by any means necessary... I think it’s unfortunate that it had to come down to this but people make mistakes and we can only learn from them. Love is love at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter what preferences you have or ur skin color. We should all be treated equally. And some people may not have the same views as mine but like I said people make mistakes.

I wish David the best. I think now it has opened my eyes that we really are in the public eye and our voices will be heard.. good or bad. So I think being on teen mom we really have to take advantage of this opportunity to be heard.. in a good way of course.”