lisa marie presley doesn't appear to be wasting any time between men these days. Not only is the King of Rock and Roll elvis presley's daughter currently undergoing her fourth divorce, it seems she could be ready for a new man in her life. New reports from Hollywood News Daily reveal that Lisa Marie Presley has been spotted and photographed on more than one occasion with Smashing Pumpkins rocker, Billy Corgan.

Lisa Marie unlucky in love

HND writes that Lisa was most recently spotted and appearing very comfortable with Corgan while at Marilyn Manson's birthday party.A source close to the King's daughter's current situation reportedly has revealed that Lisa is looking to let soon-to-be fourth ex-husband Michael Lockwood know that her life is going to go on without him.

The informant also reveals Michael Lockwood is going to go nuts over Lisa's new guy especially since Billy Corgan is also a rock star. The reports also reveal that this is not the first time Lisa Marie has spotted with Corgan. The two were also noticeably cozy while in attendance at Lisa's grandpa (Priscilla Presley's father) Beaulieu's funeral.

Presley's ex-ready to go to war in courtroom

As previously reported, Lisa Marie Presley announced the split from Michael Lockwood back in June of 2016 citing irreconcilable differences. Since then, however, things have taken a dark and ugly turn between the two. Just a few days following the split news Lisa revealed that she had found some very disturbing photos of the couple's twin daughters Harper and Finley on Michael's personal computer.

Things quickly escalated from there. News broke that Lisa had checked herself into an extensive rehab program for help with a prescription pill addiction. With Presley gone to rehab, and the accusations made against Michael the twins were taken into protective custody and placed with grandma Priscilla Presley.

Will Michael Lockwood reveal Presley secrets

Lisa is reportedly clean and sober now and after completing her rehab program has retained custody of the twins. Lisa's battle with prescription pills may be over now, but she is now gearing up for one nasty and brutal divorce battle. Michael Lockwood claims that he has never abused his daughters in any way.

He is also ready and is willing to go to any extremes to prove Lisa wrong and get his fair share from the divorce.

He also revealed that since Lisa's allegations he has been receiving tons of nasty and threatening emails from fans of Lisa and Elvis Presley. Michael is ready to go to court and reveal that Lisa Marie has ruined his life adding that because of her he is now unable to obtain employment. Not only does Michael plan to fight Lisa for custody of the twins he also has a few other demands he would like the judge to grant. He wants Presley to pay not only the legal expenses he also wants at least $40,000 a month in spousal support.

Now that Lisa Marie has been linked to a possible new love interest with Billy Corgan her soon to be ex will most likely try to use it against her.

Not only that over the ten years he and Presley were married he has been privy to all the Presley family secrets, so who knows how far he will go to get his demands met?

Lockwood has revealed he go to any extreme to win this one. Do you believe Lisa Marie Presley's connection to Billy Corgan could damage her divorce case, and how many secrets will Lockwood spill in court? Lisa and Michael are due in court on February 7. This could get nasty real quick. What are your thoughts on Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood's divorce?