Justin Timberlake has been in the music game for decades, but there was a lot of negative feedback centering around him performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. Most of the negativity was coming from fans not forgetting about the last time JT performed at the Super Bowl.

It was not a coincidence that fans were trending #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay on Twitter. It was to stand in solidarity with the singer after she took most of the heat from the two's 2004 Super Bowl performance.

To recall the incident, at the end of them performing "Rock Your Body," Timberlake ripped off a piece of Jackson's top to expose her entire right breast on national TV.

Was the incident planned?

Now whether this was planned or not is still up in the air since neither had much to say about the alleged wardrobe malfunction. However, Jackson's songs and music videos were banned on music channels and radio stations, which was a major blow to her career. On the other hand, Timberlake seemed to be doing just fine, he was barely affected by the controversial performance.

When Timberlake spoke about the incident, he blamed it more on society being harsher on women instead of taking any blame, but a lot of fans saw that as Timberlake throwing Jackson under the bus instead of coming to her rescue.

It's 2018 and fans have yet to forget about Timberlake's past actions. Some even thought he should be joined on stage with Jackson by way of an apology.

Why else were fans upset?

Timberlake also got a lot of backlash for claiming he was going to have a hologram of Prince perform beside him. The late artist had admitted in a 1998 Guitar World interview that when it came to performing with a hologram, "That's the most demonic thing imaginable.." and further into the questions went on to say that he never wants that to happen to him.

Social media went in on Timberlake, saying he was disregarding Prince's wishes and it was appropriation. Not to mention, sources said Prince wasn't too fond of the singer either.

Instead of a hologram, Timberlake went with singing alongside a projected image of Prince, which still made fans uneasy.

Timberlake also might have some anti-fans based solely on his infidelity in his previous relationships with Brittany Spears and his wife, Jessica Biel.

It's no secret that there are claims that JT dragged on his relationship with Spears to gain more popularity or the fact that he was caught cheating on Biel with actress Olivia Munn. Some fans just never forget.

On a more positive note, Timberlake has released a new album titled ''Man of the Woods," which fans heard a glimpse of during his halftime performance.