lisa marie presley's divorce battle is heating up and it looks as though the only daughter of elvis presley's fourth divorce could be even nastier than we thought. Lisa's estranged husband Michael Lockwood claims that his life has been completely destroyed by the "disgusting" child abuse allegations that she made against him concerning the couple's twin daughters, Harper and Finley.

Lisa Marie getting life on track

Lockwood spoke with Radar Online revealing that the claims Lisa Marie Presley made were completely fabricated. Lockwood stated that he has never abused his daughters and is willing to go to any extremes to prove Lisa wrong and get his fair share from the divorce.

He also claims that since Presley's allegations he has been bombarded with nasty and threatening emails from Lisa and Elvis Presley fans across the world. As previously reported Lisa Marie filed for divorce from Lockwood back in June of 2016 citing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the divorce.

Michael Lockwood reveals he is broke and homeless because of Lisa Marie Presley's claims

At the time Presley also asked the court to only permit Lockwood to have monitored visitation with the couple's children. It was also later revealed that Presley had discovered some very disturbing photos of the couple's twin daughters on Michael's personal computer. Lockwood is now opening up to the press, stating that his life has been completely ruined by Presley's false allegations and that he is unable to obtain employment because of it.

At this time Lockwood has not been convicted of the alleged crimes, and to date has been denied a request for spousal support. The former couple were married for 10 years and are both claiming they are ready to go to any and all extremes in court. Lockwood recently petitioned the courts, asking the judge to order Presley to pay his legal fees, which at this time exceed over $450,000.

He also previously asked for $40,000 a month in spousal support, which has now increased substantially due to the fact that he feels Lisa Marie is responsible for his unemployment.

Michael Lockwood also stated that since the split he has been forced to borrow money from his parents, but it has not been enough to make ends meet.

“Since I have very little money, I continued to sell my personal property and I continued to stay with friends who would allow me to sleep on their couches or in spare bedrooms.”

Since the couple's split in 2016 things have continued to be very chaotic in Lisa Marie's life. Presley has undergone an extensive rehab treatment for a prescription pill addiction and was forced to turn over temporary custody of her twin daughters to her mother Priscilla Presley.

As of September of 2017, Lisa Marie has completed rehab and regained custody of her twin daughters. Things are finally starting to look up once again for the 50-year-old daughter of the King. However, now Lisa will face-off in a nasty and brutal court battle against Lockwood. The exes are scheduled to appear in court on February 7th in what could be the ugliest celebrity divorce case of the year.