"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez may be in store for some major relationship drama very soon. The pair, who are set to walk down the aisle very soon, may never get to make it to the alter due to a possible surprise guest. As many "DOOL" fans know, Rafe is hiding a huge secret from his fiance, and it seems that the news is bound to get to Hope.

Rafe and Sami's secret could ruin lives

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers, Rafe's secret is beginning to spread, and it seems that Hope will find out what he's been hiding.

As many viewers will remember, Rafe and his ex-wife, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) had a steamy one night stand while she was in Salem. The two sought comfort in each other after a rough time in both of their lives. Rafe and Hope had just gotten into a big fight and she even game him her engagement ring back. Sami was a should for Rafe to cry on and things escalated quickly between the two former spouses. The next day, they both immediately realized it was a mistake, and Sami pushed Rafe to try to win Hope back.

Ciara and Tripp know the truth about the affair

Later, Hope's daughter, Ciara Brady, overheard Rafe and Sami talking about their hook up, and "Days of our Lives" fans knew it was only a matter of time before Hope found out the truth.

Although Ciara head Rafe's side of the story and ultimately decided to keep the secret from her mother, other people have started to find out the truth. Ciara told her roommate, Tripp Dalton, about the affair. Although it doesn't seem that Tripp would tell anyone, someone could overhear the two talking about the secret.

Carrie Brady could tell Hope the truth

In addition, "Days of our Lives" viewers watched as Sami's sister, Carrie Brady, returned to Salem to help her mother and father, Anna DiMera and Roman Brady, out of some legal trouble. It was then that she told Rafe that she knew about his affair with Sami. Rafe asked her to keep quiet with the information, but things got complicated when Hope decided to invite Carrie to the couple's wedding.

Meanwhile, when Eli confides in Rafe about his affair with Lani, Rafe will also tell hi co-worker that he had an affair with Sami. This means that at least four other people know about Rafe's secret, and any one of them could spill the beans before the wedding. Sami or Rafe may also confess to Hope. It looks like the couple's wedding day really could be doomed.