"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that fans are about to see a brand new couple in Salem. The pair started off as enemies and slowly became good friends. Now, they're headed right for a major romance, but it will be a life or death situation that will really kick their feelings into gear.

Tripp and Ciara are headed for big romance

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Tripp Dalton and Ciara Brady will soon find themselves is a very dangerous situation. The young Salem residents will be kidnapped by the director of the ISA, and things will take a crazy turn.

The ISA agent will kidnap Tripp to get back at his father, Steve Johnson, for all the trouble his family has caused her in her career. Now, she wants Steve to pay, and she is going to use Tripp to hurt him. Of course, Ciara, who happens to be Tripp's roommate, will find herself stuck in the middle of the battle and the ISA 'll also take her.

Tripp and Ciara will be forced to fight for their lives as they are being held in captivity together. The pair, who have been getting flirty with one another for weeks now, will have only each other to lean on during the scary time. As they try to figure out a way to get out of the dangerous situation alive, their feelings will begin to grow. By the time they are finally rescued, "Days of our Lives" viewers could see them head over heels in love with one another.

Of course, Tripp and Ciara are two-thirds of the young adult scene in Salem. Claire Brady is the other part of the equation, which used to have more members. However, Tripp's half-brother, Joey Johnson, is currently in prison for killing Tripp's biological mother, Ava Vitali, Jade left Salem after a health scare and a miscarriage, and favorite fan character Theo Carver was tragically shot and paralyzed and is currently enrolled in a program in South Africa.

Another love triangle brewing?

Many fans want more younger characters in Salem, due to the fact that Ciara and Claire always seem to be in a love triangle and fighting over the same guy. Although Theo and Claire are still an item, he is halfway around the world, and Tripp has admitted to having feelings for Claire in the past.

Now that Tripp is starting to develop feelings to Ciara, Claire could find herself feeling jealous of the attention he's giving her. When Tripp and Ciara do finally get out of their sticky situation, "Days of our Lives" fans could see yet another battle between Ciara and Claire, but this time over Tripp.