Already watched everything that Netflix has to offer right now? Bored of rewatching "Stranger Things" for the fourth time? Don't worry, Netflix is about to add a whole lot of new films and TV shows to their site in March.

Below is the list of all the Netflix Original TV shows as well as other popular movies and shows that will be available on Netflix next month.

Netflix US Original TV Shows

1. 'B: The Beginning'

This anime's story revolves around beings called "new humans" that will create peace in the world but are kidnapped by an evil group for their own evil purposes.

Something "Tokyo Ghoul" fans will love to watch.

2. 'Jessica Jones' (Season 2)

The second season of the American series "Jessica Jones" will return in March.

It is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, follows Jones as she takes on a new case after the events surrounding her encounter with Kilgrave. This series is set in Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning that it shares continuity with films and movies within the same universe.

3. A.I.C.O. 'Incarnation'

An anime series that is set in the year 2035 in Japan shows the creation of artificial life forms following a research accident and a student's connection to it.

4. 'Sword Gai: The Animation'

This new Anime Series is based on an orphaned boy named Gai who possess a sword with demonic powers.

5. 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' (Season 2)

The second season of the hit series starring Neil Patrick Harris returns in March.

Netflix US Original Movies

'Game Over, Man!'

Three friends must become heroes when their workplace, a Los Angeles hotel, is taken hostage by evil gunmen seeking a large ransom.

Netflix US Original Comedy


'Love' (Season 3)

2. 'On My Block'

Netflix US Original Documentaries

'Ladies First'

An inspirational survival story of an Indian girl named Deepika Kumari who, as a girl born on the roadside and lived in poverty in rural India, went in search of food, stumbled upon archery, and within 4 years became the Number One archer in the World.

Movies to be added to Netflix US

  • "Evelyn"
  • "Finding Neverland"
  • "Mercy Rule"
  • "Monsters High 13 Wishes"
  • "Monsters High: Ghouls Rule"
  • "Patch Adams"
  • "Rules of Engagement"
  • "Teen Witch"
  • "The Brothers Grimm"
  • "The ABCs of Death 2"
  • "Food Chains"
  • Tyler Perry’s "The Single Mom’s Club"
  • "The Angriest Man in Brooklyn"
  • "After the Fall"
  • "Cesar Chavez"
  • "Monster High: Haunted"
  • "How to Train Your Dragon 2"
  • "You’re Not You"
  • "Dummy"
  • "Life Itself"
  • "God’s Not Dead"
  • "November Man"
  • "Frank & Alice"
  • "Ask Me Anything"
  • "The Man with The Iron Fists"

TV shows coming to Netflix US

  • "30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men"
  • "Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden"
  • "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
  • "Glee" (Season 5)
  • "Archer" (Season 5)
  • "A Different World" (Complete Series)
  • "3rd Rock from the Sun" (Complete Series)
  • Marvel & ESPN Films Present: "1 of 1: Genesis"
  • "Bloodline" (Season 1)