"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that fans could be in for a shocking turn of events. Speculation about another DiMera family member returning from the dead is circulating, and viewers don't know what to think about the rumors. "DOOL" fans know that Stefano DiMera has had a knack for returning from the dead over and over again. However, due to actor Joseph Mascolo's death, it seems that Stefano will officially be gone for good, but that doesn't mean that other members of the DiMera family won't be returning from beyond the grave.

Returning from beyond the grave?

"Days of our Lives" fans have already seen Kristen DiMera make her return from the dead. While it hasn't been confirmed whether or not Kristen was ever really dead, she was presumed dead after Marlena Evans pushed her out of a window. Now she's back, and causing chaos somewhere out in the world. Meanwhile, "DOOL" fans always want EJ DiMera to return to the show, and the soap has been hinting that EJ could be returning in the future. Tony DiMera has also been rumored to possibly be coming back to Salem now that Andre is dead. Now, rumors that a DiMera family member whom fans haven't seen in decades may be headed home are beginning to circulate.

Fans would be shocked to see Megan come home to Salem

Some viewers may remember the character of Stefano DiMera's daughter, Megan, formerly played by actress Miranda Wilson in the mid-80's. The character wasn't on "Days of our Lives," long but she left a lasting impact on those whom she interacted with the most. Megan Hathaway-DiMera spent much of her time plotting to break up fan favorite "DOOL" couple Bo and Hope Brady.

Megan even tried to kill Hope so that she could have Bo all to herself. However, everything blew up for Megan and she was the one who left Salem in a body bag. Megan was killed by Larry Welch in a shocking death scene that only longtime "Days" fans will remember.

Miranda Wilson is interested in returning to the soap

"Days of our Lives" rumors have been circulating, and it seems that some people would like to see Megan Hathaway-DiMera back in Salem.

Miranda Wilson even seemed interested in the idea of returning to the soap opera, and posted about it on her social media account, asking fans if they would like to see Megan come back to Salem to cause trouble yet again. It looks like only time will tell if Megan will make her way back home in the future.

Ron Carlivati is bringing the drama

As "Days of our Lives" fans know, characters often come and go, and some even return from the dead. Shocking storylines have always been a part of the process when it comes to the soap opera world, and "DOOL" has really been bringing the drama since new head writer, Ron Carlivati, took the reigns. Fans are eager to see what will happen next, and what surprises may be around the corner as the days roll on.