Briana DeJesus is ready to walk away from Javi Marroquin forever. Amid rumors that Javi and Kail may be trying to work things out, Briana made it clear that she doesn't even want to be friends with her ex. While their breakup last month didn't seem to be contentious, Bri and Javi definitely aren't getting along now and it looks like there's no coming back.

Bri films 'TRL'

Bri recently filmed an episode of MTV's "Total Request Live" to help promote her sister's upcoming special, "Being Brittany." A few exciting things happened while Briana and Brittany were there.

The DeJesus sisters were surprised when a special guest in the audience turned out to be a cousin they hadn't seen in years. Brittany even shared a picture of them al backstage.

While they were there, Briana opened about her split from Javi Marroquin. Based on what she said, Bri is done with that chapter of her life and ready to move on. Despite Javi's attempts to reach out, she made it clear that she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore.

“A lot was going on. We weren’t on the same page in certain stuff. But you guys will just have to wait and watch," Bri said about the split. “Controlling situations tried to take place and I wasn’t having it. And that’ just what it was."

It's no secret that Javi didn't want Briana to have more plastic surgery.

Despite his complaints, she went ahead with the surgery with Dr. Miami. "Teen Mom 2" fans were able to see the procedure on Snapchat.

Even though Javi didn't want her to do it and Bri did it anyway, he flew to Miami to help her out while she was recovering. At the time, Bri and Javi were split up but had teased about how they were considering getting back together.

When Devoin also showed up to help Bri during her recovery, Javi wanted none of it. He jumped on the first flight out of Miami and headed back home to Delaware. He and Briana have been sparring ever since.

Never getting back together

It turns out that Javi Marroquin may still want to hang on to Briana DeJesus, at least as a friend.

Apparently, he's tried to contact his ex-girlfriend a few times since the split. Bri just isn't interested.

“Here and there (he’s tried to contact me) but it’s just not going to work out," Bri said on the MTV show when asked about whether Javi was still calling. As far as Bri and Javi being friends now that they've split for good, Bri says, “I don’t think so."

"Teen Mom 2" is currently wrapping up filming for Season 9. Viewers will get a chance to see Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin on the show as a couple even though they've already split up.