As busy as Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have been, no one knows how the morning ladies of the “Today” show’s fourth hour have found time for honing any hidden ambitions. Hoda Kotb has to be still jet-lagged from her fortnight of covering the 2018 Winter Olympics for NBC in PyeongChang, not to mention getting used to her cherished regimen of late-night mommy love with her daughter, Haley Joy, who is sure to be making up for lost time. Kathie Lee Gifford got used to the huge set and live audience experience loaned out to her and Jenna Bush Hager for the Olympic stint, and she's had her own crush of appearances since sharing her moving stories of Billy Graham with Megyn Kelly just last week.

Still, nothing can keep a couple of girls from dreaming, and apparently, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have been harboring a secret dream to become stars on “The Voice.” How the ladies worked in any rehearsal time is a wonder, but last night’s February 26 debut of the dream team caught everyone by surprise.

No one needs to know

Helping out with all the hype for her first season as official coach, Kelly Clarkson spent the whole hour on Monday with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee, clinking wine glasses, and catching up on great memories, like when Kelly sang “Over the Rainbow” with her precious River Rose. Kelly Clarkson demonstrated how her daughter has “the look” of a star singer since making a visit to the set, but clearly, she didn't divulge her word about the clandestine singing project being plotted by the morning hosts, not even to “The Voice” master of ceremonies, Carson Daly.

Carson Daly revealed to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he knew only that there was “one duo” for Season 14’s auditions, but never knew “it was you two,” as he told the ever-chatty girlfriends in a pre-stage profile piece. Their matching outfits might resemble a tasty margarita or a piña colada, depending on how a person looks at them, and their performance name, “The Winos” is absolutely apropos.

Moments before going on, Hoda taps her microphone, confirming “It's working?” before adding, “That's a shame!” after an affirming nod.

Kotb makes no secret of not being a singer, despite her massive love for country music, and music in general. She even named her dog Blake, in honor of Blake Shelton. “My job is to look cute, stomp, and go ‘ughh’ until Kathie Lee sings long enough for someone to hit the button,” admits Hoda with no reservation.

Kathie Lee flatly says “They won’t…”

Moment of truth

Kris Jenner and Chef Curtis Stone comprised the cheering section for the BFF’s and singing buddies, along with their producer, and biggest help, God, as Kathie Lee credits. True to form, Kathie Lee Gifford sang out the tune of “You've Got a Friend,” while Hoda Kotb couldn’t have been a better hype girl, cheering and chiming in on the chorus. Kris Jenner could only say, “Hoda, God bless you!” She certainly deserves “A+” for her true spirit.

Kelly Clarkson’s expression alone was the most golden TV moment of the event, and Blake Shelton also had a corner on the quizzical look. Finally, just before the final chorus, Kelly hits her button and turns around, followed by Blake, and the rest, bursting out in laughter.

Hoda only revealed this morning, February 27, that she did not know until the moment that the audience really wasn't in on the performance in any way, just like the judges.

Blake Shelton declared to his biggest fan, Kotb, that “Kathie Lee saved your a**!” When he came to choosing a coach, the pair had to pick the person who first turned her chair, and they went with Kelly Clarkson, who flung another of her gold and black bedazzled jerseys bearing 14 for her season.

The experience was part of an “Out of Your Comfort Zone” challenge for a “Raising the Stakes” series, but by the close, everyone was feeling fine, even if some volume adjustments had to be made.