There was no shortage of remarkable feats at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. None more surprising than the United States men's Curling team that took home the gold after beating Sweden in a thrilling gold medal match. Surprising, unless you are "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening. Instead, this is just another prediction made by the popular cartoon that has come true.

In what has become a continuously running gag, the number of correct predictions made over the years has many now believing that Groening may in fact be a time traveler who has seen the future.

What else has 'The Simpsons' predicted?

There has been a running list over the years as one after another random Simpson prediction has come true. Probably the most famous right now is the Donald Trump becoming president prediction. Nearly two decades before the Donald became president number 45, 'The Simpsons' had this episode where they literally looked into the future.

Also worth noting in that episode was Fox being sold to Disney. At the time an unthinkable marriage of two of the most powerful networks in the world. Yet somehow, some way, Fox is also now a part of the Disney corporation.

The predictions continue to come to fruition. While the curling gold medal was crazy, as they even had the correct opponent in Sweden, it wasn't the only sports related one to come true recently.

Vince McMahon recently announced that the XFL would be returning and a new football season was on the way. Who was the first person to hop back on the bandwagon of the league that failed after one season 17 years ago?

Yep, none other than Homer Simpson.

Pat McAfee, host of "The Pat McAfee Podcast" on Barstool Sports, had a pretty solid round up on all of the crazy predictions made by the show over the years that have come true.

So is Groening a time traveler?

No one can say for sure, but all signs point to yes, Matt Groening can see the future. How else is he always spot on with some of these absurdly wild predictions?

It is almost like he is trolling the world at this point. He even branched off from "The Simpsons" to create "Futurama." That show depicted life on earth in the year 3000. Of course, none of us will be alive by that time to see if the show has any credible predictions in it. But the entire premise of the show could be a believable future thanks to the work done on "The Simpsons."

If Matt Groening really is giving us hints of the future through his cartoon, then the episode with Elon Musk is a must-watch.