Briana DeJesus just can't seem to shake the relationship rumors that have been plaguing her lately. She's still recovering from plastic surgery but somehow, she's had enough energy to rekindle relationships with not one, but two of her old flames, according to the rumor mill.

It all started when she was still on-again, off-again with Javi Marroquin. The pair broke up in January after only dating a few months and then teased "Teen Mom 2" fans with reports that they might be getting back together soon. It was really looking like Javi and Briana would be bringing back "Javiana" when Kail Lowry's ex-husband made his way down to Miami to help Briana while she recovered.

Things didn't work out the way Javi planned and he went home almost immediately after touching down in Florida. He wasn't thrilled when Briana's ex Devoin showed up to help her with the kids while she recovered.

Briana already denied a new relationship with Devoin

Briana already spoke out and made it clear that she wasn't trying to get back together with Devoin. Despite having a daughter together, she knows that he's not the one. Briana even went so far as to say that she was never, ever getting back together with him when she did break her silence regarding those rumors.

Despite all of that, Devoin is still reportedly staying with Briana as she recovers. With reports that Briana and Devoin are "living together" right now, they aren't trying to make it look like they are getting back together.

And now Dre?

Considering that she's literally still recovering, it's amazing that there are rumors about another man that Briana DeJesus is reportedly hooking back up with. On Valentine's Day, there were quite a few reports that Briana was trying to work things out with her ex, Dre.

It certainly didn't help things that Briana and Dre reportedly spent Valentine's Day together.

Briana shared a photo of their spa day on Snapchat and even showed off her white chocolate covered strawberries, a gift from Dre.

That alone got tongues wagging. It didn't help things when Dre tweeted, "Ima make a great step daddy." It was immediately assumed that he was talking about getting back together with Briana, and maybe he was, but Briana denied that the two are getting back together and took the time to speak out about the new set of relationship rumors plaguing the "Teen Mom 2" star.

"I'm so annoyed at these reports," Briana told Blasting News exclusively. "I am not with Dre. He is a friend. He was a friend before my relationship with Javi and after. That's all there is to it -- friends and nothing more."

So, it looks like Dre and Briana's Valentine's Day fun was just a couple of friends having a fun day together, not the rekindling of an old relationship.