Spoiler alerts have confirmed that change is coming this week for two residents of genoa city. Soaps She Knows is reporting that Robert Adamson is leaving his role as Noah Newman on "The Young and the Restless." Sadly, the shock that fans expressed over Melissa Claire Egan's departure is not present, and fans do not seem to want to see Noah return as Greg Rikaart has done. Adamson's character was never truly developed and was always on the periphery of the drama with family and friends. Both Kevin and Chelsea were almost always at the forefront, which endeared them to viewers.

Nick And Sharon's son will hardly be missed, while Gloria's younger son will be welcomed with open arms.

Noah Newman was not given a chance

Robert Adamson took over the role of Nick and Sharon's son in 2012 and was put on recurring status by "Y&R" in 2016. Although he is the grandson of the most powerful man in town, Noah was never really in any major storylines. His relationship with Marissa was over before it began, and the same thing happened with Tessa. The Underground where he worked with his father burned down and there simply did not seem to be a place for him in Genoa City.

On Friday Noah announced to his family that he was accepting Victor's offer to go to work in the Newman division of Mumbai.

Spoilers indicate that Adamson announced on social media that he appreciated the fans and his "Y&R" family and would be glad to return anytime he was asked. New head writer Mal Young announced some time ago that he was giving more airtime to the character of Devon but obviously had no desire to do the same with Noah.

Greg Rikaart is a fan favorite

When Greg Rikaart's contract was not renewed earlier this year, fans expressed their outrage. Unlike Noah Newman, the character of Kevin Fisher was developed over the years and became a favorite of the viewers. Kevin will be on screen again Tuesday, February 20 and this will be his second time coming back since August.

Spoilers don't say how long Rikaart will be on "Y&R" this time or why he returns to Genoa City but there is much speculation.

It has been suggested by spoilers that Kevin will reveal that Adam is alive and clear Chloe's name, or that he will somehow play a role in the revelation regarding Christian's paternity. Whatever the reason Greg Rikaart is being brought back to "The Young and the Restless" is, fans are elated and eager to see his character in action once more.