February sweeps promise to be dramatic and life-changing on "General Hospital" for the West family. Celeb Dirty Laundry has confirmed that Ryan Peavy, who portrays Nathan, will be killed off. No details have emerged, but his demise is almost certainly related to the fact that he announced to the world that Cesar Faison is his biological father. Spoilers also say that his mother, Liesl Obrecht, will go missing and that her life may be in danger as well. All of this drama will bring "GH" fans close to the halfway point of the nine-month arc surrounding Jason and Drew.

If indeed Faison is on the loose, then no one in Port Charles is safe.

Obrecht is in grave danger

Friday (Jan. 19) on "General Hospital" someone hit Liesl Obrecht on the head and she fell unconscious to the ground. The individual's face was not shown, but their hands held the type of cigars that Cesar Faison likes to smoke. The implication would be that the madman is exacting revenge because he was not told that Detective Nathan West is his son. Spoilers indicate that Anna will discover the former doctor is missing and realize she is in grave danger. Celeb Dirty Laundry also states that the trail may lead Sonny and Jason straight to the man they blame for the situation with Drew.

Obrecht lied about Faison being Nathan's dad for decades and begged him to keep it secret once he figured it out.

Instead, Detective West decided to give an interview to the magazine run by Peter August, who may be his half-brother. Now he has opened a Pandora's box that will unleash tragedy on himself, Maxie, their unborn child, and also his mother. Nathan has no idea how dangerous his father is, or what he is truly capable of.

Ryan Peavy is out at 'General Hospital'

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported earlier that a major male character on "General Hospital" would be leaving the show. They later confirmed that Ryan Peavy was no longer listing "GH" on social media. Now spoilers have confirmed that his character will die and there will be a funeral in Port Charles.

If Liesel is found alive, she will no doubt blame herself for the death of her son. February sweeps are going to be eventful.

This is a sad turn of events as Obrecht and Nathan had just begun to get to know and love each other. Maxie and her husband had just found their way back to each other and are expecting their first child. Logically, Faison should not be angry with a son who only recently found out about him. It would seem more likely that he would target Liesl for keeping the secret. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM to find out if Obrecht is rescued and how Nathan dies.