On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," mayhem reigned as Faison left a trail of destruction throughout Port Charles. The madman went to the Crimson office, where he attempted to kidnap Maxie. When Peter tried to intervene, he was shot. Nathan came through the door with his gun drawn and Cesar shot his second son. He escaped and tried to take Carly hostage, but Jaso arrived and put a bullet in him. Over at Wyndemere, Obrecht and Lulu began suffering from the effects of the gas and worried that no one would save them in time.

Port Charles gripped by fear

Faison ran from Anna's house and went straight to Crimson where he encountered a pregnant Maxie and Peter August. During the encounter, he shot Peter and was trying to take the mother of his unborn grandchild hostage. Downstairs in the Metro Court, Carly is getting reports from guests on the third floor of screams and gunshots. She calls Sonny and Jason who leave Anna alone to wait for P.K. St. Clair. Ms. Devane begins having flashbacks to past encounters with Cesar and you can see that she and everyone else in Port Charles is gripped by fear.

As the madman attempts to leave with Maxie, Nathan comes through the door and is shot. Maxie screams to Faison that he has shot his own son.

Downstairs, Lucas tells Carly that he is a doctor and is going up to the third floor.By the time he gets there, Faison has escaped and Maxie and Peter are applying pressure to Nathan's wound. Faison appears behind Carly and decides she will be his hostage, but Jason appears and shoots Cesar, who falls to the ground.

LuLu and Obrecht are in grave danger

At Wyndamere, Obrecht has passed out from the gas fumes. Lulu is barely hanging on, but tries to find a way to escape. They are in grave danger and time is running out. Back in Port Charles, as Faison is being carried away, he tells Dante that if he dies, he will never find his wife. Peter tells the detective that she was headed to the Cassadine Island.

Dante and Sonny arrive at the barn, smell the gas, and kick the door open, but the scene ends and does not show if they were able to rescue the women in time.

Both Nathan and Cesar are at "General Hospital" and fans already know that Ryan Peavy has left his role, which means Maxie's spouse is going to die. Anna is standing alone waiting for P.K. St. Clair, and does not know that Peter August is watching her from the bushes, which indicates he is indeed Faison's other son. Be sure you don't miss Monday's explosive "GH" episode.