Tom Petty fans are still mourning the sudden loss of the iconic rocker. However, today they have been dealt yet another shocking blow from the official autopsy reports according to TMZ. Tom Petty's autopsy results are in and they are not pretty, fans. Petty, who died suddenly on October 2, 2017, died from an accidental drug overdose according to docs.

Drugs behind death of another music legend

The Los Angeles coroner reports reveal that Petty died of multiple organ failures as a result of "mixed drug toxicity." As previously reported, Tom Petty passed away back in October after the "American Girl" hitmaker was found unconscious in his home.

Upon arrival to a Los Angeles hospital, Petty was found to have been experiencing little to no brain activity and was placed on life support.

Family feels urgency to share results

Tom died at age 66 just 21-hours after he was rushed to the hospital following the decision advised by his medical team, wife, and family to remove him from life-sustaining apparatus. The official Tom Petty autopsy report now reveals that there were numerous drugs found in his system which included several pain medications such as Fentanyl patches, oxycodone (Oxycontin), temazepam (Restoril), alprazolam (Xanax), citalopram (Celexa), acetyl fentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl.

Petty's health had been in rapid decline over the past few years due to emphysema, various joint and issues with his aging body, including problems with his knees and a fractured hip.

The Petty family has decided to reveal his autopsy reports publicly in hope of issuing all a warning to the dangers of prescription pain pills and addiction.

Sharing the sad news with fans on the singers official Facebook page and on Tom the family issued a full statement saying that they just received the official word today and felt great urgency and importance in sharing the results with Tom's fans.

They state that they fully believe Tom's downward spiral with pain pill abuse was brought on by his fractured hip. They feel his rigorous touring schedule and constant pain made matters worse because Tom refused to slow down and heal properly.

As previously reported, Pettys death came just a few days after the singer ended his final tour at the Hollywood Bowl.

Rolling Stone Magazine, last December Tom Petty admitted he was excited to start the 40th-anniversary tour, and agreed it would "likely be the last big one." When asked how he wanted to spend his retirement, Petty smiled and said he looked forward to spending more time with his granddaughter.

Heartbreaking news, opioid addiction has taken the lives of way too many greats far too soon. Rest in peace, Mr. Tom Petty. Our thoughts remain with his family as they continue to mourn their great loss.