Tom Petty's fans worries continue to mount over the serious health status of the legendary rocker. Tom Petty was rushed to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital on Sunday night after he was found not breathing and in full Cardiac Arrest. TMZ reports law officers told them that upon arrival Petty was admitted to UCLA hospital he was experiencing no brain activity and that a decision was made to pull the life support.

TMZ just updated their site revealing that the family of Tom Petty has issued a DNR for the singer and called in a chaplain to the hospital. Reports show that this time Petty has been removed from all life support machines has no brain function, but remains clinging to life at this stage.

Doctors have told the family that they do not expect the singer to live out the day.

Fan concern mounts for Tom Petty

On Sunday night reports that Petty was immediately placed on life support when EMTs arrived at his Malibu home and that the first responders were at the time able to locate a faint pulse began making news headlines. At this time there have been no official statements regarding Tom Petty's condition, all that is known that the singer is critical and according to unofficial sources things are not looking good.

Petty's family and friends hold vigil at Malibu hospital

People magazine reports that Tom Petty's camp and family members are at the hospital and are more than clearly upset, they have also refused to comment on the 66-year-old singer's status at this time.

Tom Petty' health emergency comes just days after ending his tour at the Hollywood Bowl and getting ready to start the first days of his retirement.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, last December Tom Petty admitted he was excited to start the 40th-anniversary tour, and agreed it would "likely be the last big one."

Tom laughed and admitted he and the band all are on the "backside of their 60s." When asked what his plans were after the tour ends Tom realized that he was looking forward to "spending all his time with his granddaughter.“

Tom Petty first hit the music charts in 1976.

He is best known for decades of hits which include, “American Girl,” “Free Falin’,” “Refugee” “I Won’t Back Down, "Don't Do Me Like That, and "Here Comes My Girl" to name a very small select few.

This has been a difficult weekend in the music world. As previously reported, rocker Marilyn Manson experienced a freak accident that put the "Sweet Dreams" hitmaker in the hospital after a huge stage prop crushed him during his New York show on Saturday night.

Manson's accident was followed by the news that country music star Wynonna Judd also had a health scare of her own which forced her to cancel her Portland show over the weekend. A 911 call was made for Judd, but when the emergency responders arrived on the scene, Judd refused medical care or a trip to the hospital. Her manager did, however, tell the audience that the show was canceled and refusing to elaborate on Judd's medical emergency.

However, at this moment our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with Tom Petty, his family, and friends during this difficult time.