Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Fell In Love on "Bachelor in Paradise" and are still together. The two got married and are expecting their first little girl. Not long ago they shared that they have picked out a name for their daughter. They shared that her name will be Isabella Evelyn Bass, but they have plans to call their little girl Bella for short. They are just one month from having their daughter.

People shares the shower details

The couple had their Baby shower on Sunday. It sounds like it was a great day for them. Evan has three sons from a previous marriage, but this is his first daughter and the first child for Carly.

She shared saying, "I’m feeling a little nervous but mostly excited." She is excited to meet her daughter and says it should be a month maybe a little less or more before her daughter is here in her arms.

Carly wore a pink flowered dress and it looks like Evan was at the entire baby shower with her as well. Jade Roper Tolbert, Juelia Kinney and Kaitlyn Bristowe were all at the baby shower for Carly and Evan. This shower was fairy-inspired and very girly. Evan shared that he enjoyed watching Carly open up all of the presents for their daughter.

They have a ton of support

Bristowe shared the news that she is a great babysitter, even though she doesn't have kids of her own just yet. Jade Roper Tolbert and Carly Waddell Bass are great friends and are already planning on their little girls being great friends, too.

Both Carly and Evan's moms were there too to share in the shower and are excited about the baby girl on the way. Evan's mom shared that he is great with babies. He already has a ton of experience being a dad.

Carly admits that she never even thought she would get pregnant. She is so excited about her baby girl on the way and things just really worked out perfect for her.

It does seem like she has fit in really well with Evan's three boys as well, but they are excited to finally get a girl this time. The fans would love to see them have a few more child in the future as well, but you never know.

What do you think of the name that Evan and Carly picked for their baby girl? Are you surprised that these two ended up such a great couple?

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